Review: A Week of Firsts

• first duathlon
• first ride in the rain (downpour during said duathlon)
• 5k PR during first leg of duathlon
• first 50 mile ride
• highest mileage week on my bike (so far)
• highest mileage month on my bike (so far)

This week I logged 93.4 bike miles and will have logged over 27 miles on-foot after tomorrow's planned 4 mile easy run. Yesterday I ran an easy half-marathon distance training run...last long run before the Riverbank Run 25k a week from tomorrow. Today I "recovered" by biking for 50.3 miles--my first 50 mile ride.

It was a really nice ride. I rode the first nearly 24 miles with 4 JDRF team members, then turned around and headed back to my car...with a bit of noodling to hit the magic 50 mile marker. The other riders rode a full century...and really tried to talk me into it. I probably could have been persuaded, were I not staring down a goal race in 8 days. A race that I am hoping to PR. Perhaps next month will see my first century ride. I'm not impatient...I know I'll do at least one in 2010.

Tuesday night I rode nearly 25 miles with a local women's cycling group. That was really nice, too. After the ride we headed to a bar & grill for pizza and beer. Great way to finish a great ride. I immediately felt right at home with the 5 other women who attended the ride (4 of whom met at the bar afterwards). I'm really looking forward to making that ride a regular Tues. night event.

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  1. OK I just posted about first and saw your post on my side wall. Ours are totally different but I'm so proud of you K!!