Second Act: Steelcase Grand Duathlon, The Race Report

Previous "episode" of the race report can be viewed HERE
A picture tells a thousand words...and this one tells the story of a woman who is a consistent and strong runner (note, still not fast, but I move pretty well for someone carrying an extra 20#s), relative to her cycling...for now.

I placed 100/126 overall and 27/42 women. Really, 27/42 isn't too shabby for a first try, I don't think. And there are many things I can do to improve for next year, both for the running legs and the bike leg. I can't wait to see what I am able to do next year--especially if we don't have monsoon conditions during the bike leg.

Tonite I'm going to meet with a women's cycling group. I wasn't sure when I talked to the organizer last week if I would feel recovered enough to join them tonite, but my legs feel fabulous. The right knee crankiness from yesterday is gone and I have very little in the way of DOMS. I am looking forward to getting in on some group rides, rather than always pedaling alone.

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  1. 27/42 in your first race of this kind is amazing. Great job!