20 Hours of Awesome! (part 2)

After arriving home from the 25k race I got showered and decided I was antsy enough to want to get out of the house (instead of the usual post-race want of a beer and my pillow). So we went to see Iron Man 2 (awesome...and a good reminder of how plastic surgery can go bad--I'm looking at you, Mickey Rourke) and then for a delicious dinner at Pints & Quarts.

OK, so how did this restaurant fly below my radar for so long? I blame it on location. I think I have gone years without hitting the Henry Street area of Muskegon and this joint has been around since 2003. But I got a heads-up on the place via Facebook. So thankful...oh, what we've been missing.

I had their special--meatloaf with mashed red skin 'taters and gravy. OMG...the meatloaf was good, but the potatoes and gravy...I am salivating just remembering it. The potatoes had skins and lumps and the perfect hint of garlic. The gravy was sweet, rich, and thick with sliced mushrooms and carmelized onions. Hubby had a ginormous burger topped with haystack onions and BBQ sauce. I enjoyed my first Delirium Tremens (one of my beer-snob brother's favorite brews--and I see why). I also had a Scotty Karate Scotch ale...which I didn't care for as much--too smokey. I keep forgetting that I don't really like Scotch Ales. But the name made me chuckle, so curiosity got the best of me. This place has 31 drafts...mostly micro-brews and imports.

For dessert we had a slice of key lime pie that was topped with tart raspberry sauce and real whipped cream. Made me pucker, it was so sweet/tart. The entire meal was exceptional and I think this may be our go-to place when we want a special family dinner in the future.

Last night the long-awaited SNL hosted by Betty White finally aired. So I HAD to stay up to watch that, too. It was SO worth the toothpicks holding my eyes open. By the time I crawled into bed just after 1am I had been awake for over 20 hours (including a 2.5+ hour race). I was really feeling it in that last hour, too. It was reminiscent of early motherhood...that shakey, out-of-body exhaustion. I don't remember anything after my head hit the pillow. I typically struggle to find sleep fast, but not last night.

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