Feeling like a Zombie would be cool, were I actually a Zombie.

I'm one tired puppy. Thursday night I ran 9 with my local running partner. We had a pretty decent run, though fairly slow, as she had not run in a week and I was feeling a bit beat-up. It was also still a little warmer than either of us tolerate well (at least so early in the season when we aren't yet acclimated to temps well above 70). It was still nice to plod along and catch up. I think the last time we managed a run together it was barely above freezing.

Yesterday I tackled my first metric century (62 miles) ride with my hubby. It went pretty well and I wasn't completely dead by the end, though I started the ride feeling anything but fresh. Thank you, legs, for not completely boycotting the deal, especially after stopping for a nice lunch.

Seriously, though...what is up with headwinds on both the out and the back? On the way South we had winds that were kind of WSW. On the return trip North the winds picked-up a bit and were WNW. Hrm.... At least winds were fairly light and with the trees fully leafed we had some shelter. And it was sunny and beautiful.

We enjoyed lunch at the New Holland Brewery (sans beer...sniff. I was pretty certain that it would be nap time had I quaffed so much as a single glass). I was a good girl and had a fabulous salad (lettuce, HB egg, turkey, bacon, scallions, homemade bleu cheese made with beer). Well, I wasn't so much "good" as I was not certain what my belly would tolerate on the bike. I learned the hard way a few years back that even a few bites of Clif Bar don't sit well in my gut while running, but solids tolerance on the bike is VERY different than it is on-foot.

After lunch we wandered a bit in our favorite bike shop (Velo City Cycles -- across the street from the restaurant and with a bike rack to stow our road machines while we ate), reapplied sunblock, and chomped on some Sport Beans (dessert).

We officially pedaled nearly 62.6 miles. It was exhausting and awesome. I like these vacation days that DH takes while DS is in school. Yesterday was his last chance to use up his last remaining vacation day before he gets his next allotment. Great way to kick-off the long Memorial Day weekend.

By the end of our ride I had about eleventy-thousand pounds of sunblock, sweat, and road grime (if you look closely at the photo to the right you can see all of the grit and grass kicked-up by my front tire and glued to my legs via sticky Coppertone Sport spray sunblock) to wash off. I think I will need an industrial strength shower poof scrubby thing for future Summer rides.

Last night we settled-in on the sofa to watch Heath Ledger's final film, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. I really liked it. Terry Gilliam is one super-cool writer/director/producer (I was so blown-away by Twelve Monkeys 15 years ago). The Doctor Parnassus casting was well-done, too. I think it would be difficult for any actor to not develop severe insomnia while engrossed in Ledger's role. Such a fascinating, repulsive character. So tragic that his occupation led to his demise. He took method acting to a level beyond that of nearly every other actor/actress of my generation.

Today I am hoping to finish off my week with a 6 mile run...which will almost certainly be sluggish and semi-miserable, but my goal is to finish the month with my last 100 miles of running until after DS is back in school and I start picking miles up again in preparation for the Las Vegas Half Marathon in early Dec. Tomorrow I will rest and Memorial Day I have plans of an 8 miler to finish May. This week saw my highest miles on the bike in a single week, 131.8. After today's run I will have just over 24 miles on-foot for this week.

2 more weeks until the North Country Trail Relay!

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