I am SO there!

I just found out about the Le Tour de Donut in late Sept. I am ALL over this! 30 mile bike race with 3 doughnut "stages." For each doughnut ingested a participant has 3 minutes deducted from his/her finishing time. But IF said racer barfs they are DQd...dude, this event is my calling! I can eats me a LOT o' doughnuts and I would never waste good food by pukin'. For once my ability to eat like a sow and my iron-clad gut could be an asset, instead of a limitation!

I found out about this race while researching a 15k trail race I'm planning to do this Friday night with a bunch of girlfriends. This race is held at the same fruit orchard. Friday's Moonlit Miles for Marrow race is a benefit for Michigan Blood's marrow donation program. It's the least I can do, since I'm guessing I'm not a candidate for marrow donation. After a semester in the UK in the early 90s I cannot donate blood, either...that whole ridiculous "mad cow" risk is the reason that my blood is considered potentially tainted.

This will be my first trail race of the year...heck, my first trail RUN of '10, period. Should be a good dress-rehearsal for the North Country Trail Relay in mid-June. I have a new pair of my favorite Mizuno (Wave Ascend 4) trail shoes that I have to "break in" before the big relay. Plus I have all this great training from the duathlon and 25k races that I hate to waste.

The race is at 7:30pm and I'm guessing I'll be running for close to 2 hours. After the race we're having a slumber party at my best friend's house (not far from the race site, though she lives about 90 minutes from me). Should be a REALLY fun kick-off to the weekend!

This weekend was also wonderfully fun. Friday night we attended a bonfire at a friend's house about an hour away. The kids had fun ramming around and the adults enjoyed gabbing around the fire and making s'mores (with some absolutely ginormous marshmallows that hubby found at our little local grocer...they were easily 3x the size of normal marshmallows and made by Campfire brand).

We arrived back home after 11pm and had to be back up at 5...I think I got maybe 3 hours of sleep, thanks to our neighbor's noisy generator (not sure why that was running) and DH snoring (when I elbowed him and yelled at him to stop snoring he said..."I'm not snoring, I'm breathing." Funny now, but not at 1AM).

Our early waking was to participate in a memorial bike ride with other cyclists from DH's company. There were 2 ride distances (20 and 40 miles) and a fun walk to honor employees who have passed-on in the last year. We had a really nice ride followed by picnic lunch on the lawn at the ride destination.

This AM I enjoyed an easy 5 miles in the sunshine to recover from the weekend. Shortly after I returned, DH left to attend a JDRF training ride with the team...man, I wish I could have gone. Such a beautiful day for pedaling around. This has definitely been one of the nicest weekends of 2010 and I look forward to many more!


  1. There's a relay around my in the fall that requires runners to eat a hot dog and drink a pint before the next teammate can run.

    And one of my friends on Daily Mile did a Krispy Kreme race... 10k I think? Run 5k from the start to the turnaround, eat a dozen donuts, and run back. He said there was a runner there who had done a marathon the previous weekend and said that the donut race was worse.

  2. That donut ride sounds fun! But The 10k that Crystal mentioned doesn't. A dozen Krispy Kremes in between 5k legs? Barf.

  3. Yeah, I think Jeff (jeffgoblue) did that KK race a year or so ago. That can get ugly. But with running there is so much more tummy jostling. Eating and biking are much better companions. I think DH is contemplating it, too.