Just a few more days...

...until my workout schedule starts to ease-up. I'm definitely feeling the effects of my last few weeks of challenging running and biking workouts. I'm really tired. When I sleep, I sleep like the dead and could easily log 10 hours/night if allowed to do so. Of course, I get that miserable second-wind at night and it takes me a long time to fall asleep. My natural sleep cycle seems to have me not getting shut-eye until 1 or 2 AM, but then I have a hard time dragging my butt outta bed until at least 10AM.

Today I still need to log 8 miles, hopefully with 5 at maybe half-marathon race pace (it's still pretty warm and humid, so that may end up a bit over-ambitious), tomorrow is 2 hour group ride night, then Weds. I have my last long (13 mile) run before I start a sort of taper leading up to the North Country Trail Relay on June 12.

Yesterday was a "rest" day...I did a 20 minute core workout and that was it. The day before that I logged a really fabulous 6 miler at a pace I haven't seen since before the heat set-in over a week ago. That was quite a surprise, especially the day after my first metric century ride and heat tends to really kick my ass (and everything else). I was really anticipating a miserable run. Often those awesome runs come when I least expect them.

After that last run I'm thinking that I will kind of miss running much over the Summer. But I really enjoy biking, too, and seem to be maybe more of a natural at that athletic endeavor (I mean, I just suck less at that than I do at running, heh). I'm looking forward to working some upper-body workouts into the mix, though. That extra muscle tone is good for boosting the metabolism and my body seems to respond best to an ever-changing workout regimen. My hope is that the Summer of 2010 is the season that gets me back on that weight-loss path that I was on 5 years or so ago. I'm not getting any younger and this isn't going to get any easier. The benefit of dropping 20#s will be a greater benefit to my running than months of 40-50 mile weeks on-foot. The last couple of years have shown me this.

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