What a weekend! (part 2)

After the 15k trail race Friday night, we headed back to my bestie's place. Our plan was to drink wine and hang out, which was pretty much what we did. We all got showered and warmed-up and then lounged-around with some of her homemade gewurztraminer and microwave popcorn. I think we each had all of one glass. We were just too tired to imbibe more than that. Somehow 2am arrived and we crashed.

8am came too early and I woke up, even though I was pretty beat, but not really sore. Sore always seems to come 2 days after a hard effort. I made the 90 minute drive back home after hanging out for a little while.

Saturday afternoon we got together with my MIL and her fiancé and did a short bike ride with a stop at a nearby ice cream stand. The hubby and I got ourselves and our kiddo cleaned-up and headed over to my MIL's vacation cottage 20 minutes away. We enjoyed dinner and then returned home.

Saturday night it was stuffy in our room and I didn't sleep particularly well, even though I was exhausted. I woke yesterday morning feeling a little tired and with a bit of DOMS in my lower calf area, but really not feeling too beat-up from the trail race. I guess this could be a sign that my fitness is better than I realize.

Yesterday we took DS back to my MIL's place to spend most of the day, since DH and I had plans to join the JDRF group for a 40 mile training ride. Whoo...what a challenging ride that ended up being. Hilly as heck and way hotter (and more humid) than our bodies are prepared for in late May. I think our temps have gone up a good 20-30 degrees within a matter of days.

I was feeling very strong for about the first 30 or so miles, but my energy and strength dropped-off pretty fast after that. I started the ride in the front of the group and passing people on hills; by the end I was feeling sorta dragged along. BUT I am also riding with people who ride a LOT more than I do and have already done a few century rides this year (and weren't recovering from a trail race less than 48 hours prior). I haven't done anything longer than 50 miles, yet.

Last night I slept better (and for almost a full 10 hours), even though I think it was probably in the sticky 70s in our room all night. I think my body pretty much cried uncle.

Today I need to do my core workout and get 5 miles in, but I am pushing that run back until the shadows are longer. I can handle heat a lot better when I'm not under the blazing sun.

Tomorrow I will likely do a "double" with an easy 4 miles in the morning and then a 2 hour ride in the evening with the women's bike group. Weds. I am planning to do diddly-squat, which I think I have earned.

I am hoping to do 24 miles of running this week and an 8 miler on Memorial Day. That will give me 100 miles for the month. This will likely be my last month of hitting 100 running miles...at least until Fall when I start training for the Las Vegas Half-Marathon. This Summer my emphasis will be on increasing my biking miles, completing a few century rides, and building my upper body a bit...and dropping some pounds. These extra 20 are fighting tooth-and-nail.

Friday looks like a perfect day (the forecast is for mid-70s and full sun) for my first metric century ride (62 miles), so that is the plan. Hubby already is taking that day off to use up vacation days. So it should be another (good) tiring week.

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