Peer Pressure

So tomorrow I am planning to head to the hospital's urgent care center for x-rays of my bum ankle.  Not because I think it's anything more than a sprain--I really don't--but everyone and their grandma is telling me I should, just to rule out anything abnormal...so I will stop being stubborn and take their advice.  Plus a real doctor should hopefully be able to give me a timetable of what I can do and when based upon assessment of MY ankle and how my healing has been for the past week.

Swelling is greatly diminished, which is nice.  My foot and ankle looked about the way they did when I was late in my pregnancy, which was pretty significant and uncomfortable.  My pain is still minimal...mostly what I notice are stiffness and weakness.  I've been taking a couple of NSAIDs at bedtime as much for swelling as for pain.  Other than that my level of discomfort has not been enough to warrant any sort of pain meds.

I've come out of a sort of denial to accept the fact that this is not a mere grade 1 sprain (which typically involves no snapping/popping sound or sensation at the time of injury or bruising/swelling and generally involves no more than a week of down-time) and is almost certainly a grade 2 sprain.  How I managed to run 10 trail miles and stand around all day on said injury is still a mystery to me.  I guess I'm just more hardcore than my PRs would suggest, heh.

Yesterday I couldn't stand the cabin fever any longer and got out for a couple of hours to run errands.  While wandering the mall (looking for a handbag to use for DH's class reunion next weekend) and the grocery store I felt fine...actually my ankle felt really good getting out and moving.  But last night it was more tender and this AM was still pretty sore (though that could be from a certain 20# cat jumping up onto the bed and directly on my ankle...).

I've been doing basic ankle sprain PT exercises and those feel pretty good, too--especially the gentle stretching.  What a difference from how those same sorts of stretches feel on a healthy ankle, though--everything is so stiff, now.

I also ordered a highly recommended brace for when I get back to biking, and then running.  It should be here tomorrow or Sat.  I'm hoping that if my ankle's up to it (and with doctor go-ahead) that I can get out on the bike for a short ride on Sunday--with DH and DS along on the POS tandem.  That way if I have any issues they can ride home and get the car to retrieve me.  I foresee the biggest potential issue being clipping out of my pedals.  If this is the case we'd swap out my clipless pedals and put platforms back on temporarily.  I do already have my pedals set on the lightest resistance, but they still require a pretty strong twist of the ankle to unclip.

As far as running goes...I'm thinking that could be at least another 2-3 weeks before I will be up for that.  I'm OK with that.  As long as I can get out on my bike soon I will be a happy girl.

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