Review: DZ Nuts "Bliss"

So I finally tried this chamois lube/butter/cream -- the women-specific version of the original DZ Nuts. Apparently the only real difference is the absence of menthol in the Bliss.

I had previously been using Paceline's Chamois Butt'r, but after reading some not-so-nice things about parabens I thought it might be a good idea to try something a bit more natural. Plus the Chamois Butt'r contains mineral oil, which isn't particularly good for the longevity of a chamois, anyhow.

DH recently got sample packs of both the DZ Nuts (DZ = Dave Zabriskie) and the Bliss. He tried the men's version on Saturday during his first century ride of the year and was pretty solidly raving about it (he especially liked the menthol tingle and the lasting power of the product), so I figured I would try the women's version on today's planned 40 miler.

Shortly before heading out the door for today's ride I used the entire contents of the packet (about a half TB) and found that it seems to spread much easier on my chamois than the Chamois Butt'r--good thing, since it's pretty damned pricey. A little seems to go a long way.

Disclaimer: As follows is a bit TMI. My fellow X-chromosome peeps will likely not flinch, but I'm aware that some guys can't tolerate any candid discussion of female anatomy or function of female genitalia that does not involve sex. The following account does not involve sex...you have been warned.

Not long after pulling up my shorts I noticed moderate tingling "down there." I thought to myself "OK, this is probably the tea tree oil in the product." I had expected this from earlier reviews I had read.

I got out on the road and found for the first hour that the tingling and general warmth was really not pleasant and actually very distracting. It wasn't painful, but it was uncomfortable and caused things to be overly sensitive. Not really a positive when one has no choice but to be bearing the brunt of one's body weight on a sensitized area.

After the first hour or so the irritation minimized...or I was just able to ignore it. Between wind, hills, and my annoyed hoo-ha I cut my ride short by about a half hour.

I showered and found that my nether regions were still feeling a bit inflamed, including my sit bones area, so this seems to go beyond simple mucous membrane irritation. Huh. It's nearly 9 hours since I applied the product and things are still a bit warm. Needless to say, my 2nd sample pack will be going to whomever wants it. I don't think I want to give it a second try.

On the bright side, at least I didn't drop a crazy amount of money (regular retail is $24 for 4 oz.) on a tiny tube of torture.

To test my hypothesis that it's tea tree oil causing my woes I am thinking of mixing a few drops in my next glob of Chamois Butt'r before a ride. If I experience irritation I will know not to purchase any future products with this ingredient. If I experience no ill effects, then I can assume that it was some other mystery ingredient in the Bliss that caused my privates to be pissy.

I might add that I think it's funny that this is called Bliss...when that was quite the opposite of my experience. It's also funny that "Bliss" is the mind-controller used by the "V" leader on her minions on the cheesy sci-fi series that I enjoy.

I have given some thought to eventually making my own chamois lube concoction. I could make quite a lot of it using simple ingredients from the health food store. Many chamois creams are hardly any different than body butter type products, sans heavy perfumes. Several include simple ingredients like cocoa or shea butters, glycerine, aloe, and vitamin E. I could also throw in some silicone-based lubricant, like the Sport Shield roll-on I use to prevent chafing while running (and this stuff is really no different than some high end, ahem, bedroom lubricants and would be easy to find from a variety of sources). Bliss and DZ Nuts both contain a silicone-based lubricant, which is likely the main reason it lasts so well. Sport Shield can actually be tough to wash off post-run...but it works REALLY well for this reason, even for triathletes.


  1. thanks for posting! I was looking for a new product to use and was about to try this one, but I do NOT want anything with menthol or anything else that burns!

  2. I just bought some of this and now I'm scared to try it!

  3. I bought it and was afraid but I think it affects some people differently. It doesnt sting or burn me, but I also keep it away from mucus membranes because that's not really the part chafing on bike rides anyway. I like that it has probiotics....I'm afraid using anything more artificial would end up leading to biotic imbalances but sometimes would like something more viscous than DZ bliss