Sick & Tired

Well, sorta sick. 2-3x/year I come down with a bout of vertigo/inner-ear infection. The most annoying thing about this is how unpredictable it is. It never seems to have a pattern, though I've never had it prove problematic for more than a day or two. The odd thing is that I woke up thirsty at 5am and got out of bed to guzzle water. I had no issues at this time, but a couple of hours later I rolled-over in bed and had that "stop the world, I wanna get off" episodes. After that I really couldn't sleep well, since every movement was met with major bed-spins and nausea.

Thankfully we have some Meclizine (Dramamine II), which is good stuff for vertigo/nausea. I had planned to do my weight and abs workouts, but the residual balance and pukey feeling don't really lend to those activities, so I'll just be doing my ankle PT stuff and can hopefully do my strength training tomorrow. I also want to start working with the wobble board, but that REALLY sounds like a risky activity with less than optimum balance, huh?

Not feeling too guilty about slacking today. My butt saw 101+ miles on my bike saddle during the previous 48 hours. On Monday DH had the day off and DS was at day camp, so we rode 71 miles. We'd hoped to catch up with one of his HS buddies who was vacationing in the area, but we were never able to connect. So we had lunch and headed back with a stop at our favorite bike shop so that Derek could get a new tire (his current front tire is getting pretty worn).

Last night I joined the women's cycling group for our Tues. night ride. Got in another 30+ miles. By the last 10 my ass was grass. I tried a new pair of shorts (in search of the elusive perfect short). Guess I am back to my Pearl Izumi Symphony/Symphony Cut shorts. The chamois is still a bit bulky, but the short and chamois shape has the best overall fit of anything I've tried--and no chafing. Some seams on the Craft shorts I tried were not compatible with my physique. They will be fine for short rides.

Read a couple of interesting cycling-related news stories this AM that are worth passing along:
Biking versus brisk walking: weight control for women
Phys Ed: What Exercise Science Doesn’t Know About Women (aka shower beer trumps chocolate milk post-workout!)

My sprained ankle is improving (and I can even rock a little black dress and red thong wedge sandals whilst wearing an ankle brace!). I think a run will be possible in another 10 days or so. I need to really work on the strength and flexibility now in preparation for the return to running.

In the meantime I am very thankful to have my bike. Had I suffered this injury a year ago--pre-bike--I think I would need happy pills to survive the recovery period. This would be one VERY long month without the ability to pedal away. And the timing really wasn't horrible. I had planned to scale back on the running miles this Summer, anyhow. Not to the degree that I have been forced to, but my fitness plans/goals for Summer have not changed all that much, really. And hopefully a month off from running will not put too huge a dent in my running fitness. I'm hoping that the biking will allow me to get back to a decent # of running miles and pace after a short time. On the bright side, all this pedaling should have me pretty well prepared for my first full century ride in 17 days. Next Monday we're hoping to do another long ride (maybe as far as 80 miles) while DH has a holiday day off and DS will be at day camp, again.