*sings* I'm still standing...

...better than I ever did
Looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid...

Thanks, Sir Elton.

Yep, my foot is doing OK.  Sorry about the photo quality.  I'm too lazy to bother taking a photo with a decent camera and uploading it to the computer, and then online, when I can use my shitty camera on my shitty phone (seriously, the Samsung Alias 2 is a glorified paper-weight.  My previous Samsung Juke was a gem of a camera...and I ditched all to be able to text.  Meh.) and put it online via Facebook.

Heh, can you see why I struggle to find shoes wide enough?  And, you can't see it from that picture, but my heels are sorta narrow.  If I had webbed toes I'd wonder about some duck lineage...

The worst of the pain and swelling seems to be beyond me and every day it feels a little stronger.  It's still fairly stiff and weak, though.  Running isn't even on my mind.  I'm guessing it will be at least mid-July before I can even contemplate a return to that activity.  Bummer.  But I did a little test ride on my bike on Father's Day--with the father-of-the-house and our progeny along on our POS tandem (which we hope to soon replace with a $$$ non-POS tandem...this would allow us to do many long rides as a family, since the rugrat is still a few years away from being able to really handle a road bike on his own and for very far).  We went just over 11 SLOW miles with a stop for ice cream towards the end of the ride.  It went really well and has been a great confidence booster.

I had DH switch out a pair of platform pedals with those little plastic toe basket things, in place of my clipless SPD pedals.  I figured the twisting motion to disengage from my clipless pedals might not be such a good idea.  But, honestly, the running shoes and platform pedals were really less ideal.  The wide heels of running or street shoes can smack the chain stays (which happened at least once to me) and it's actually more awkward and clumsy trying to start from a stop with the tricky toe basket contraptions.  I think I would be at much greater risk of a fall without the regular clipless pedals and cleated shoes, since I have become so adept at using them.

I had less pain riding than I have walking...actually, I had 0 pain riding.  The sensation I mainly experienced was a cross between weakness and stiffness.  Everything from about halfway down my calf and further down was just...tight and jello-like.  A very weird sensation.  No pain, just discomfort--if that makes any sense.

So I think there is a very good chance that I will be able to do the upcoming Holland Hundred century ride.  I had hoped to get 2-3 longer rides in before this event, but for now I'm figuring that if I can get in 1 75-80 miler in in about 2 weeks that I will be good-to-go.  And if worse comes to worst I can always drop back to the 67 mile route on the day of.

Either way, I am very relieved that I am not having to miss much time on the bike.  I'm bummed that I am not likely to get much running in for a while and will probably see some marked loss of running fitness and have a long road back to strong--on that front.  But I have no more big running goal races until '11.  The Vegas Half-Marathon is more about spending time with friends and enjoying a fun vacation.  The race is just a good excuse to do so.  I was never really thinking this would be a PR event...and am definitely not entertaining that thought at this point.

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