I need sleep.

In 12 hours I will already have been pedaling for 2.5 hours, on my way to my first 100 mile "century" ride. Yikes!

Really, though...I'm not tweaking like I would be were this a marathon eve. Marathons always freaked me out, as well they should. Perhaps if I were racing 100 miles on my bike the 2 events would be more comparable, but this is a RIDE. A supported ride with several rest/food stops. No official start time, no timing chips, no competition, no implied obligation to push one's pace limits.

So I'm mainly out there to have a good time and try not to eat substantially more calories than I burn...heh.

Middle part of next week I am planning my slow and gradual return to running. I think my left ankle is finally ready. It's still a little stiff and achey at the end of the day, but feels pretty strong. Mostly flexibility is what is lacking, but that is coming along, too.

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