I'm back!

Yesterday I completed my first run in 39 days. And it went surprisingly well. I had planned to go 2-3 miles of walk/run, but the run felt good...I didn't have any need to stop. My ankle felt stiff, but not painful. Everything felt a bit stiff and I wisely took it slow. Tomorrow I hope to do a short run, again, then hit the bike for a while.

Today I did nothing. The rugrat didn't have Summer camp and it was raining, anyhow, so we sat around and watched Run, Fatboy, Run. A fellow running friend of mine loves that movie and knew I hadn't yet seen it, so she mailed me a DVD. I have such awesome (running) friends! She is one of my many friends from RunningAHEAD.com who I am looking forward to meeting in-person at this year's Las Vegas Marathon.

Today I also felt kinda crummy. Those imbeciles at our online pharmacy (Express Scripts -- we have to use this per our prescription drug coverage plan) never mailed my Qvar asthma medication (or DH's blood pressure meds...somehow all of our automatic refills were deleted from our account), so I had to use a back-up pack of Advair in the meantime. Good gawd, there was a good reason that I switched from Advair to Qvar in the first place--Advair is horrible. It takes my immune system and beats the shit out of it. And within 48 hours of starting I had developed another nasty thrush (aka candida yeast -- common in those with compromised immune systems and those in steroid meds) infection in the back of my throat. I swear that stuff never even ends up in my lungs and sticks to my throat. I gargle several times with water after each inhalation, but I still end up with steroid-induced thrush outbreaks. I think I had 5-6 bouts with thrush in the maybe 18 months that I was on that stuff. Horrible.

I really loathe the idea of ending up on yet another course of anti-fungal meds, so I am ingesting every form of probiotics that I can cram into my gut. Unfortunately this has not worked in the past, so in the end I will probably find myself filling yet another script for Diflucan.

I just hope I feel good tomorrow. Now that I know my ankle can tolerate running I am really eager to start carefully increasing my miles, again. Running Warehouse had a 25% off discount on all sale stuff, so I just ordered another pair of shoes (Nike Lunarfly+ -- I currently wear the Run Avant+, which is virtually the same shoe), too. I only have one road pair really in rotation. I had planned to order new shoes just after the relay, but the sprain put the brakes on that plan.

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