It was so hot...

"How hot was it?"

Uh...it was just plain hot. And steamy. But this was not enough to stop me from completing my first 75 mile ride on the bike--just 10 days before my first full century ride (Holland Hundred).

I was able to maintain an acceptable pace for the distance, even under the sauna-like conditions (so I'm hoping I can maintain the same pace for a full 100 miles in 9 days). At one point my hubby's bike computer thermometer said 90º...I told him that couldn't possibly be right. But it apparently was, since the radio claimed it was 93º by the time we finished.

Lots of fluids were ingested, in addition to a bunch of Endurolytes capsules (glad I had these along. Not long before we stopped for a snack I was feeling that awful chilled/goosebumpy thing that is never good on a hot day), 2 Nuun tablets, a pack of Sport Beans, half a Clif bar (I still think these are kinda icky, but they definitely cure a gnawing tummy by making it feel filled with a door-stop) and the most fabulous cranberry orange muffin...ever. I can't wait to stop at that cookie/muffin joint again during the century ride.

Even though I was good about applying sunscreen every couple of hours (those pasty legs will never again be allowed to have any color other than "raw bratwurst."  1 case of melanoma in our house is 1 too many) I still got a bit pink, at least on my face. I can't apply it above my eyes, since there is no such thing as a truly sweat-proof sunblock and there is nothing more painful (and blinding) than sunblock in one's eyes. My Buff is the junior size and doesn't stay down to my eyebrows as much as it should. Luckily I have a standard adult size one on order, which should help.

The sunblock also was likely getting wiped-off the rest of my face, since I had a cotton hanky to help sop-up the profuse sweat output. Ick.

By the time we finished the layers of sunblock and sweat had truly glued a ton of road grime to my legs and gnats on the rest of my body. I was one HOT mess!

Hubby and I rode from our favorite bike shop with its owner, Mike/MC.  After the ride we returned to the shop and cleaned-up a bit with baby wipes, picked-up our kid from Summer day camp, and headed home for well-deserved showers and shower beer.

The photo at right is not shower beer.  That is leftover-room-temp-brat-beer.  That is from July 4.  It tasted surprisingly good.  But not nearly as good as my icy-cold-Oberon-from-a-bottle tasted after yesterday's steamy trek around Ottawa and Allegan counties did.  We also refueled with a Little Caesar's el-cheapo pizza.  It was too damned hot to cook anything.

I slept like a rock in our chilly bedroom (only room with A/C).  It was heavenly.  And today I don't feel more than very minor DOMS and stiffness.  100 miles...bring it on!

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