August Recap - no wonder I'm developing rock-hard quads!

(under the squish, of course).  I rode my bike a lot...including these 4 rides:

I had to walk my bike up the last bit of those 2 ginormous hills.  I have never had to dismount and do that, but I simply could not make my pedals turn any more without tipping over.

This ride was awesome...I felt like a million bucks.  I ate those hills for breakfast!

This ride was craptacular.  We had been on the other side of the state the night before and not returned home until the wee hours of the morning.  I did this on 5 hours of sleep.  I finally found my mojo maybe 50 miles in.  The first 2/3 of that ride were rough.

This ride was just 2 days ago.  I was having another fabulous ride for the first 40 miles, or so.  Then I broke a spoke.  Unbeknownst to me for 3 miles I had a rear wheel that was out of true and rubbing on my rear brakes.  I busted my ass (sweatin' like a whore in church in 95º heat) trying to keep up with the front pack of riders on our JDRF group ride.  I finally realized what happened when I came to a stop with a rider who was checking her blood sugar.  My hubby and another group were not too far behind, so I stuck with them for the rest of the day.  We had to release my rear brakes, so I didn't dare try to pedal with the faster paceline group with only half of my brakes functioning (especially with all those hills).

I had a bunch of shorter, less impressive rides in there, too.  And some runs.  I pedaled nearly 616 miles in August and also ran a paltry 61 miles...but it's better than the 18 I ran in July.  And the 39.9 miles run in June, prior to spraining my ankle.

In 12 days I start training for the Vegas "Rock & Roll" Half-Marathon.  I'm planning to start training on 20 miles/week and max-out around 30.  Not high mileage, by any stretch.  But I will continue pedaling ~100 miles/week as long as the weather allows, in addition to upper-body weight and core workouts 2-3x/week.  I'm not looking to PR this race, just to continue to improve my overall fitness with cross-training...and mostly to have a fabulous long weekend with a bunch of girlfriends.  

I'm also continuing to take it easy with my ankle.  While it is improving with every week, it is still far from healed and I have relatively limited range-of-motion vs. my right ankle.  I won't be doing any off-road running for a long time and am really nervous about the effect running on snow and ice will have.   I am terrified to roll it and rolling my ankles is a pretty commonplace occurrence on our often poorly-plowed roads (fluffy snow tends to conceal ice boogers kicked-up by the plows).  I'm hoping to avoid having to pay gym membership to run on the treadmill for the bulk of Winter, but if I have to, I will.  I've already heard a few meteorologists' predictions of a super-snowy Winter like the one we had 2 seasons ago.  I am hoping they are dead wrong.


  1. You know they are only righ 50% of the time. You are super tough on the bike according to some of those ride profiles!

  2. Thanks! Man, if I had taken up cycling before running I am 99% certain that I never would have given running a go. I am definitely more of a "natural" on the bike. But I really enjoy running, even though I mostly suck at it. It's a nice complement to the bike time, though--and definitely easier to do during the Winter months, at least outdoors.