I fink I has a cold

Maybe not...could just be weirdness and allergies from the drastic change in weather. Within a couple of hours we went from muggy, dog-days-of-Summer sort of weather pattern to something that feels very much like the first days of Fall. The humidity dropped at least 30# and the air temps by about 10 degrees.

Last night I had horrible sinus pain and pressure and some sneezing, which I figured was due to the change in barometric pressure and maybe seasonal allergens blowing around ('tis the season). But today I have felt run-down and that feeling is increasing as the day wears. I've started coughing a little, too...which is never a good sign.

Yesterday I had a fabulous bike ride with the hubby and some of the JDRF gang. The ride was actually 2 segments...a 31 mile, relatively hill segment with a brief break before we headed out for 41 flatter, breezy miles. I felt strong and had a great time motoring up the hills and blasting on a few flat sections and down hills during the first 31, then pacelining with 4 guys for most of the last 41 (I'm finding that I am WAY more badass on a bike than I am in a pair of running shoes...huh).

So why should I have gone from feeling like a mighty lion yesterday to a meek lamb today? This reminds me of one of my strongest runs in marathon training last Fall. I can clearly remember having one of the best 18 mile runs of my life. I felt like I had wings and ran fast (for me) and easy through a rainstorm. It was one of the most memorable and strong runs of my life.

24 hours later I was feeling like I'd been run-over by a double-decker bus and ended up sick for the better part of the following week. These are not the only 2 instances of this in my running/biking "career." Several times that I have had really strong workouts or races I have hit a complete stall of my immune system just a day or two later.

My theory has been that a virus is already in my system and my body presents such a strong immune attack that I am given a brief window of extra strength before my immune system forces me to shut-down so that it can properly take out the viral offenders. It could also be related to not sleeping well during the recent hot-spell. Our window unit in our bedroom kept the room fairly cool, but still very stuffy and stale. During the day I sat around in the rest of the hot house and did my workouts in the heat and sauna-like humidity. As soon as the weather eased-up my body seems to take the opportunity to force me into solid rest.

Better now than later in the week. In 6 days I am doing a HILLY 75 mile bike tour. So resting up now is a good thing. Though this may mean my 2nd consecutive week of missing the Tues. night women's ride. Last week was hot and I felt anti-social...this week I may just be too under-the-weather to manage the paceline workout.

Today I did manage a 40 minute strength/core-training workout and an easy 4 mile run. I was feeling pretty run-down after that, though. And it took a lot of motivation to get moving (though I felt good while actually working out). The run was pretty nice on a breezy, 75º afternoon with low humidity. A quarter of a mile from finishing a guy in a big SUV expressed his, um, approval with a whoohoo and a thumbs-up out the window. Some days that sort of leering would offend my feminist sensibilities, but today it seemed like a legitimate compliment from a stranger.

It also helped that earlier I had seen a photo taken of me yesterday that had me feeling pretty crappy about the state of my mom-flubber squishing out the snug top of my bike shorts and my soft-looking arms (concealing the developing "guns" within). Perhaps I look better than I think I do...


  1. My pharmacist boss has to take several continuing education courses every year, and said that at one of them the speaker was saying that whenever you push yourself and have one of those awesome runs/rides/races, it does something in your body that makes you sick within the next couple of days. I guess there's been studies about it or something.

  2. I'd totally believe it. Though I still wonder why it seems that when I have an exceptionally long and awesome workout/race, where I feel like I'm particularly full of awesome-sauce...why is it after after THOSE events that I am most apt to feel icky in the following days? That's the part that boggles my brain.