I has an ow.

Oops...I fell off my bike.  Or, rather...I fell over with my bike still attached to my right foot.  At a 4-way stop.  With an audience.  Why does it always have to be with an audience?  If I were to have actually seriously hurt myself, THEN an audience would be appreciated.  Not when I tip over from a complete stop because my foot slipped trying to clip back into my pedals.  No one needs to witness my noob-like move.

My left elbow has a bit of scraping and a silver dollar-sized black-and-blue mark, but is otherwise not injured. I was just thankful to not have torn any holes in my clothes (I was wearing my favorite Dansko logo eBay find jersey and cycling shorts are just ridiculously $$ to replace) or hurt my bike, though I did have to limp up to the sidewalk to put my chain back on properly, as the fall somehow knocked it off the front rings.

I guess I was due for a fall.  I've logged 3000+ miles on my bike since I got her last November.  Technically I have had 2 other falls, though I'm not really counting the one when DH insisted my bike would be fine through loose gravel and sand of a road construction zone.  Had I been riding solo I would have turned around and found an alternate route of paved road.  Of course, I had an audience of construction workers on that occasion, too.  Of course.

Since I last posted a blog entry I had the pleasure of an amazing dinner at Judson's Steakhouse (in The B.O.B. complex) in Grand Rapids with my friend Sandy/Cheffy from NC (she's a running buddy of mine from RunningAHEAD.com).  She is a professional chef and does some traveling for work.  This is the 3rd time in about 2 years that I've been fortunate enough to be able to meet up with her for dinner while she is in the area.

The following morning DS and I drove down to Spring Lake to watch other RA friends run the Old Boys' Brewhouse Oktoberfest Marathon & Half.  The races were delayed an hour for NASTY weather...lightning, wind, monsoon-like rains.  It ended up being a really tough race for most of the people I knew running.  My one friend running the full marathon ended up DNFing.  That hour delay can totally mess with any nutrition strategy, which a pretty crucial aspect of running 26.2 miles.

This past week I have had a real mental struggle getting out for my workouts.  I blame it on the overcast skies.  If this keeps up it's gonna be one LONG Winter.  I ended up skipping my Sunday 25 mile bike workout...which breaks my 12 week 100+ miles logged on my bike.  Eventually that streak would have had to end, anyhow.  Once the snow flies my time will be spent on the trainer, which will have me content to manage 50 miles/week.  Plus my running mileage is starting to inch back up as I am training for the Vegas HM, so that really needs to be my emphasis for the next few months.

The continued windy conditions have really made my bike workouts extra challenging, too.  Today's winds are in the 30mph range...so I'm really thankful that today's planned workout is not of the 2-wheeled variety.


Bike Porn II

Gah, it's everywhere!  Avert your eyes, sequester the children, and cut up your credit cards!

So I made the mistake a couple of days ago of posting on FB that I was lusting over the new 2011 Cannodale CAADX cyclocross bike (the 'cross version of that lust-worthy road bike in my previous post), but wondered if one could order it with SRAM components, instead of Shimano (cheaper for equivalent quality).  Mere minutes later our favorite LBS (local bike shop) owner chimes in to tell me that I shouldn't jones too hard for the Cdale bike, since he already has a Redline bike (Conquest Pro) with those specs and IN MY SIZE in the shop (I'm guessing it's a 2010, so it could already be discounted as "last year's" model...but that's still not a cheap proposition).  Uh oh.  Probably just as well that we dropped a whole lotta money on that sweet road tandem that should be in our hands ANY day now!

But...the tandem can take cross tires and my road bike can't.  So DH and DS can still venture on unpaved 2-track, while I am limited to tarmac/asphalt/concrete. *sniff*  The Redline is pretty sweet looking too--love the double set of brake levers...

Man...I thought running was an expensive hobby!

Today I stumbled across another coolio bikey thing.  It's like an indoor bike trainer for people who hate indoor trainers (I thought that was everyone, but I actually know a couple of crazy peeps who prefer riding indoors to riding outdoors...see, crazy, right?).  The thing I always HATED about riding the indoor magnetic or fluid trainer was the inability to coast, at all.  So it's MUCH tougher to maintain a decent pace and I get nervous having that wheel whirring around with 4 cats underfoot.  Plus it should take up less space without having that rear wheel attached to the bike--important in our tiny living room, which contains a pretty sizable home gym set-up during the Winter months (2 road bikes on trainers, free weights, stability ball, full-size gym step, mini step, step risers).  We can't ever have company over, since socialization takes a back seat to working-out in an environment that is above freezing and not buried in snow.

I'm sorta suspecting that this won't be a cheap device, though, unfortunately.  If it is somehow reasonably-priced it will be at the top of my Christmas list.

This week is the start of my training for the Las Vegas Half Marathon.  So far I have run 4 miles...woot!  I will finish the week with 20 miles and build to 30 over the next 12 weeks.  Not high mileage, by any stretch, but I am viewing this event as less of a race than a fun run with friends.  I'm guessing I might be a bit hungover on race day, so I should really be working more on my drinkin' fitness, than my running fitness, perhaps, heh.  I am hoping to keep pedaling for a minimum of 100 miles/week for as long as weather allows, too.  Once I am forced indoors my mileage is likely to drop to about half--because of that trainer riding business.  The upper body and core workouts will continue, too.  I like my little developing arm muscles and the 6 pack that is undoubtedly concealed underneath the post-pregnancy belly flubber.


Bike Porn

Isn't that bike to the left hot (well, what we can see of it, anyhow)?  Ooh, that would look so fun with lime green bar tape...or maybe red or blue or...orange.  Orange has worked well for me, thus far.

I already have a perfectly nice bike...is it wrong to ogle other bikes? I don't think so. I love my bike.  But, in hind sight, I wish I'd gone with more aggressive geometry from the get-go.  My bike is nearly a year old and my first road bike.  I played it safe by going with a "comfort" frame.  The only real reason I lust after a new bike is to have the geometry that suits me best.  I hemmed and hawed over the Cannondale Synapse vs. CAAD9.  Should have gone with the CAAD9 (and a men's frame, since I have a long torso and short legs--the opposite proportions suited to my women's specific frame, though the shorter-reach components on the women's frame are a better fit for my hands when shifting and braking)...but my Synapse is still awesome and will still serve me well for a few years. Flipping the stem and moving some spacers has helped a fair amount.  Hindsight is 20/20.

Of course, my next bike will likely be a cyclocross frame. Next Fall I hope to get into some races. Plus that would be nice for hitting some sand/gravel backroads and not being limited to pavement. I'd also get some studded tires for Winter riding. Sure would be nice to not have to put in so many miles indoors on the trainer.

Cannondale has been slow to come out with official photos of their '11 models, but I've found a few online from various bike shows around the globe (the photo above is from a European show, I believe, so it's possible that that particular color way isn't even going to be produced...which would be a shame).  Cannondale will be producing both road and cyclocross versions of their CAAD10 frame, so I'd be eager to try the 'cross version.  If I ended up loving that it would be easy to purchase the road version without any qualms.

I've gotten out on my bike the last 2 days and have plans of a 45-50 miler tomorrow.  I think today finally ended our week-long string of endless wind.  I'm tired of riding in such blustery garbage.  The only benefit is it's a helluva workout going into it and the return trip with the wind at my back is fabulous!

Next week I officially start training for the Vegas Half Marathon in early Dec.  So I gotta get my biking fix as much as possible while the weather is still relatively nice and my running miles are low.  In another month I'll be logging more miles on-foot and the nice outdoor riding days will start to be fewer and further between.