Some random cool things from this week...because Thursdays are not inherently awesome, but maybe should be.

Earlier this week one of our JDRF buddies posted some video from the recent ride in Death Valley.  Note the guy in the white Moeben sleeves.  He is especially awesome:

More awesome...my new Levi's "Bold Curve" jeans arrived.  They look better on the model than they do on me (duh, that's why I'm not a model), but they fit really well and are flattering.  Levi's have been about the only brand I've found that fit my butt and thighs well without leaving a large enough gap in the rear to hold a small child.  Previously I have worn their 529 "Curvy" jeans, but I fall between sizes in those, so I have to size up and wear a belt.  Plus they are maybe an inch too high-rise for comfort.  They look borderline "mom jeans."  Their new Curve ID line has a better progression of sizes, plus 3 lengths in each size.  They are more expensive, but since I'm not having to have too-long jeans altered it's still worth the extra dough.

Now I just need to watch for another sale (I scored my new pair for 30% off) and hope that the same jeans in a dressier black might be available in my size.  It appears that this entire product line is really selling like hotcakes.  Of course, the fact that I really like them is reason enough that they will almost certainly be discontinued.  It's Murphy's Law, or something...

Finally the godawful wind storms have ended.  That constant drone outside had really started to wear on my nerves.  Wind storms have freaked me out ever since the bad derecho storms from May '98.  We have too many large, brittle trees too close to our house and every gust would set me on edge as I waited for disaster to strike our house.

This photo was taken about 45 minutes North of here.  Between that spot and us a weather station measured at least one 71mph gust.  The entire Midwest is riddled with damage from 48+ hours of strong winds.  Lake MI waves were in the 10-20 foot range at various buoys.  I believe Lake Superior measured even larger waves.  We're very close to the anniversary of the Edmund Fitzgerald sinking under similar conditions.  Scary stuff.

In less awesome news, a good friend of ours was blown off of his greenhouse roof as he was attempting storm-related repairs.  He is currently in the hospital undergoing surgical repairs.  His growing list of injuries include (from his "BrokenBob" CarePage):
• Laceration on the back of his head
• Small brain bleed which is just being observed at this time. It is probably due to the fracture behind his ear.
• Small fracture behind the right ear on skull
• C1 & C2 vertebrae are fractured but stable with a brace. These will not affect his spinal cord!
• Shoulder blade (Scapula)on left side
• Collarbone (Clavicle) on right side fractured
• Upper right side arm (Humerus) broken along with a shattered elbow which are being fixed in surgery at this time.
• many broken ribs
• lungs are bruised (pulmonary contusion). He can take deep breaths and is breathing well thankfully despite the broken ribs and bruised lungs.
• Kidneys bruised
• Pelvis has a small separation at a joint (that is normally fused during early growth). This is being pinned in surgery to help it fuse again.

Please keep our friend in your thoughts and prayers.  He's strong and has a good support network, but he is also type 1 diabetic, so his body is likely extra stressed.

Paling next to Bob's struggles, I have a cold.  I blame this entirely on DH.  He came down with a cold just days after returning from Death Valley/Vegas.  Now I am sick.  This is a relatively mild cold, but I still have lost my mojo and am doing absolutely nothing more strenuous than perusing the Internet, today.  Hopefully tomorrow will find me up for a 5 miler, then an 11 on Sat.  I am thisclose to logging my first 100 mile month since prior to my ankle sprain...so May was the last time I hit this milestone.  I'm still trying to catch up with the 1000 miles for the year "Pace Bunny."


  1. Definitely sending prayers up for your friend, how scary for his family!

    Those jeans look cute on that model, but I've never been able to wear Levi's. I'm hippy, and they look too much like mom jeans on me.

    I wondered how the lake waves were up near you. I'll bet the waters on Lake MI and Superior were terrifying.

    In surprising news... I ran 3 miles this morning. Been doing other workouts (spin class, kickboxing, yoga, pilates, etc.) and haven't ran in a while. Felt good!

  2. Good for you on the running! I ran today after a couple of days of battling this head-cold and it felt great...my sinuses cleared and I felt great. Until 5 minutes after going indoors and stuffing-up, again. :p

    You should come back and hang on RA, again. :D

  3. I should. But I've been so out of the loop with running lately that it's embarrassing.

    And y'all are intimidating with your marathons! But what a great group of invisible friends that group is...

  4. Marathons are stupid, really. Such a lot of training for 1 race. I much prefer doing lots of different, shorter events. It's so nice to do more than just run. :)