Duh, how did I forget this?!

In my previous post detailing many things awesome, I completely failed to discuss my recent acquisition of a FatCyclist.com "Fatty" jersey (which is actually short-sleeved...the blue sleeves are a baselayer top, since it's too cold nowadays for riding sans-longsleeves).  Twin Six offers these jerseys yearly during a limited time pre-order and then in small quantities on their site until they are gone.  Each year the design is slightly different.  Last year the hubby ordered the men's jersey, which was white with orange and black.  Proceeds from the sale of the Fatty/Twin Six gear go towards breast cancer research.  Elden, aka "Fatty," lost his first wife and mother of his children after a 5 year battle with breast cancer.  It's only fitting that these jerseys should be available in October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The jersey, itself, is already my favorite piece of cycling apparel.  It fits me better than any other top in my relatively small cycling wardrobe.  This will definitely not be my last Twin Six jersey.  I think I will have to get my hands on a sleeveless one before next Summer.

Take note of the photo at right.  Further evidence of my need for curvy jeans, heh.

In other positive news, our friend "Broken Bob" who was blown off of a roof during the recent wind storms is already making great progress in his recovery and physical therapy.  He has been sitting up and walking.  Amazing for a guy who broke nearly one of every bone from his pelvis, up.

In even more happy news, my cold is quite a bit better and I had an utterly fabulous 5 mile run, yesterday.  The crisp air cleared my head and I felt pretty much completely well (until I returned indoors and had my head re-congest within about 5 minutes).  I think my legs and left ankle even appreciated a couple of days of rest from aerobic activities.  I am also currently a mere 11 miles from hitting 100 running miles for the month for the first time since I messed up said ankle.  So that is the plan on this lovely Fall day.

Tomorrow we will celebrate Halloween by attending a cyclocross race an hour away.  We're pretty geeked about watching the "Tandem Throw-Down."  I doubt we would ever race our own tandem in a 'cross event (riding a tandem on the road takes special skills for each rider...cyclocross takes special skill...the combo = extra brutal and scary), but I've learned to never say never.


  1. Love the jersey, especially since it's for such a great cause!

  2. Yep, I love anything that serves double-duty...I'm so frugal, at times. :D