"Slacker" Guilt

This week my workouts have hit a sort of wall.  In recent weeks I've been feeling increasingly burned-out.  At first I thought maybe it was a response to change of seasons and cooler, drearier weather...and seasonal allergies.  And, yes, I think these things are partly to blame for my general malaise.  But I think my body is also telling me, in the only way it can, to give it a break.

2 weeks ago marked the end of my last week of logging >100 miles on the bike.  I managed a 12 week streak, including a 184 mile week.  But once my running returned to 15+ miles/week my body started to rebel.  Between the running, biking, and weight workouts I have been logging a lot of hours each week of activity.  Several weeks on-end of 11-12 hours of exercise seem to be my breaking-point.  I think a scale-back week here and there would have made a difference.  It's just hard to take REST days when I'm trying to do 3 different activities.  Fall has also meant a lot more windy conditions, which has made the biking miles even more challenging--especially since all of my rides in the past month have been solo, so no chance to draft off of anyone and share the workload over the miles.

Add to that my realization that my outdoor biking time will soon be limited by snowy roads, so the impetus to cram as many miles as possible into my weeks is there, too.  In some ways Winter may serve as a necessary break for me.  I am loathe to log much more than 50 miles/week on the trainer.

This week has been a scheduled scale-back week for me...but I've ended up cutting a lot more from my planned workouts than what I initially had on the training calendar.  Instead of 19 miles of running I'm doing 15.  60 miles on the bike, rather than 75, and 1 weight workout, instead of 2.  No doubles, when most weeks I've been doing 2-3 days with 2 workouts.  I just can't motivate myself to do it.  As it is I'm really working to psyche myself up for just 1 workout.  Tomorrow is a blessed rest day.  I think it will consist of laying around, drinking coffee, eating bacon, watching movies in my PJs with the rugrat (DH has a JDRF team ride that will take most of the day), and not leaving the house.  It's gonna be AWESOME!!!

Next week: back to it.  23 miles of running, 75 miles on the bike (or less, depending upon how I feel), 2 weight workouts.  A week from tomorrow there is a bike tour that we may get in on, especially if our tandem has arrived and weather is good.  We'd not plan to do more than 30 miles, since DS won't likely be up to more than that--yet.  Last we knew (a day or two ago) the bike (aka 'Rule #2: Double-Tap'...Zombieland fans will get this) was in paint, so we could have it pretty soon.  Finally I can draft behind someone, again!  We're really looking forward to some Fall family rides before the weather turns.

Time to drag my butt out for a whopping 5-miler, then I can officially start my rest day.  Woot!

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