It's nearly a done deal!

Yup...there it is (with some bad Photoshopping of the "Sid blue" bar tape and cable housings for effect): Oby 2 Kenobi (Cannondale SuperSix 4 Rival).  The name was actually chosen by our shop guy and inspired by the name of my current bike, Oberon, aka "Oby."  We ordered "him" (I think this bike is definitely going to be all boy.  Oby is sorta gender neutral) yesterday afternoon.

Hubby and I had thought maybe I'd end up needing the next larger size, but Mike, our shop guy, was certain that 48cm is where I should be, but I could use a longer stem (I think my current is an 8cm, so 9-10 might have me comfier).  He knows his stuff.  I wouldn't have had much--if any--standover height on the next size up, anyhow.  A friend of ours has a 48cm CAAD9 with the same geometry that lives at the shop, so I straddled hers and it seemed like a good fit just from that simple measurement.

I will likely order custom diecut vinyl lettering in a Star Wars font...but have to find out why the font from the signage company (SpeedySigns.com) doesn't render Os at the beginning of a word properly.  The same o mid-word is fine.  At the beginning of a word it renders as an N or R...strange.  There are other companies with similar fonts, but not nearly the degree of customization, colors, or borders.  I have a couple of these stickers on my current bike and they are pretty nifty (as long as they are kept from areas with lots of repetitive abrasion, like near my flubby inner-thighs, as I discovered with one set of lettering on Oby).

We're not sure yet how long it will take to receive the new bike.  Cannondale was closed for the Thanksgiving holiday, yesterday, so Mike will possibly have an ETA when he talks to them on Monday.  It would be nice to have it before Christmas.  Even better would be for a mild Winter without much snow so that I can get out on the roads some, and not log all of my early miles on-trainer...but I live in the snow belt of West MI--not getting my hopes up on that one.

Tomorrow is the last cyclocross race of the season.  This will be my hubby's 3rd race, ever, and the first race for a friend of ours.  I'll be there with bells (big-ass cowbell) on!  Afterwards is a soup and bread buffet end-of-season party at one of our favorite brewpubs (across the street from our favorite bike shop...it's like a little piece of Nirvana in MI).


  1. Awesome! Congrats on the new bike and good luck at your race!

  2. Thanks! It was a super fun day. Hubby and several friends raced and I took a ton of photos and I think got a little sunburned...in NOV! This is sort of unheard of around these parts.