I'm so not good about keeping up my blog like I should.  Instead I tend to wait until a bunch of stuff piles up, then I write stupid-long and rambling posts.  Here goes.

So early last week a cycling friend of mine officially invited me to join a new Luna Chix local team that is forming in our area.  Luna does sponser a pro team, too, but we would not be doing any true competitive work.  Our responsibilities would primarily include promoting Luna (Clif's line of women-specific nutritional bars and energy products), hosting ride clinics, being present at races (as competitors or support for our team members competing--this will be me at mountain bike events.  Me no likey dodging trees on a bike), and raising money for The Breast Cancer Fund.

I feel so amazingly honored to have been asked to join this group of women cyclists.  We will have a really diverse group of women on the team...I'm the newbie and definitely not as strong a rider as the rest of the gals, but they are such a supportive and fun bunch.  I look forward to training rides (2/month) with them.  It will be added incentive to work hard and keep up.

In other news...on Friday I will be breaking my streak of never having shopped on Black Friday (ever...seriously!).  We won't be hitting the mall, however.  We will be hitting our favorite local bike shop for me to be fitted for my new road ride...*squee*  I am positively giddy about this.  I just hope there are a few days in the next couple of months when I can get out and ride without snow and crap on the roads.  I can't wait to feel the difference between relatively harsh aluminum and buttery carbon.  Perhaps I will even stop avoiding some of our rougher chip-sealed roads!

Training for the Vegas Half Marathon has been going well.  Only 8 days until I fly out. I am really excited.  I'm happy to be tapering now, too.  Though this week I am still hitting pretty solid miles.  I think I may manage 30 before the week is out, + 50 on the bike (I plan to do 15 miles on the bike when we get back from Turkey Day dinner, tomorrow.  I will need that).

I had a brief "oh shit" moment during yesterday's run.  I rolled my bad ankle.  I instantly went numb with terror...then realized that nothing hurt, nothing had snapped...my ankle was OK.  Phew.  I honestly believed that a simple roll would prove tragic at this point.  I was relieved-beyond-belief to find that this was not the case.  It makes me feel a lot better about running this Winter.  I tend to roll my ankles every few weeks, primarily on all of the little hunks of ice kicked-up by plows.  Often these are concealed by an inch or two of snow and unavoidable.

Happy Thanksgiving--hope it's a great day.  I have much to be thankful for.  I hope you do, too.

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