He's Here!!!

And by "he," I mean Oby 2 Kenobi (DH thinks I should call him 'Ken', but my bike doesn't have a dream house or a convertible or a freaky-proportioned, pink-clad girlfriend, so he will remain 'Oby 2').

Oby 2 (2011 Cannondale SuperSix 4 Rival) has officially been in our possession for the past 8 days.  He was ordered 4 days before I left for Vegas.  Since Cannondale had my size in stock (helps that I am on the smallest available men's/unisex size...probably not a hot-seller compared to larger frames) it was simply a matter of them shipping the bike to our shop.  My first bike took about 6 weeks (that bike was a women's-specific frame, so was a bit more popular in my size), so I anticipated a wait of at least a few weeks.

When I arrived home at 10pm Tuesday night DH was particularly giddy...I knew that couldn't JUST be joy at my safe return from Sin City.  He had me close my eyes so that he could lead me to the bedroom for a surprise.

I knew that he and our son had rearranged the bedroom (and cleaned a universe-worth of dust bunnies from under the bed) while I was away, so that was no surprise to me.  I had my suspicions that maybe there was a shiny, new 2-wheeled toy awaiting me.  This did not make me squeal any less when I saw that my suspicions had been correct!

One other factor that led to me believing that something was afoot was that our shop guy never let me know the bike's ETA earlier in the week, as he had promised.  Even if he had told DH, neither of them relayed this info. to me.  Very suspect, indeed.  Had the bike been expected after my return, then one of them would have shared that info. with me.

The only real surprise was that the color of the bar tape was different than what I had originally chosen--apparently the "Sid blue" cables and bar tape didn't really match, as they were produced by different companies (the bar tape was turquoise and the cable housing more royal blue).  But Fizik has a metallic blue that is a very good match to the Jagwire Sid blue cable housing, so Mike (our shop guy) put that on, instead.

At first I was sort of bummed, since Oby 1 is a turquoise bike with orange trim...I liked the idea of my 2 Oby bikes sort of matching, but then I realized that the metallic blue bar tape is a near perfect match to my existing Sidi Dominator shoes and my cable housing matches the cable housing on my hubby's bike, so we're kinda twinsies with our bikes. *giggle*

The orange Hudz hoods were all Mike's idea.  Mike is just as dorky about crazy colors as I am, and then some).  He called Derek in advance to ask what he thought about replacing the boring black hoods with orange and Derek agreed that it would be the icing on that bicycle cake.  I could not agree more.

the only bummer about getting my bike now is that we are in the middle of a Winter storm warning with nasty snow, wind, and cold walloping us.  This will continue for the next few days.  Even if we were to get some freaky 40º+ days in the near future I'd be less than eager to take my brand new bike out on roads that are now coated with sand and salt.  But at the same time I'm none too eager to throw the new bike on the trainer for its inaugural ride.  So for now I have my "Winter beater" bike (2010 Cdale Synapse 5 Féminine) and my "sports car" bike that gets to live in the garage until a nice day for riding outdoors presents itself.  In the meantime I plan to go out every few days to clear the spider webs, stroke it, and mutter "ooh, shiny" under my breath.

Is it Spring, yet?


  1. Are you still looking for a Jett 143 saddle? I have a black one that I rode once if you want it. $50 + shipping to MI from CA. Just let me know.

  2. Thanks for the offer...but my Jett from my previous bike is still like new. Ask around on the TeamEstrogen.com boards and I'm sure you'll find a taker within the hour. That saddle goes like hotcakes!