The Good & The Bad

Bad first ('cause it's nice to get it out of the way):
I'm tired as Hell of Winter. My gorgeous new bike is almost not new anymore. In a couple more weeks it will be 3 months old. Yet it still has not seen the light of day. Why?! Because we live in a land of endless freaking snow and ice! And even on days that are sunny and gorgeous and not bitterly cold we have to contend with many roads that are still littered with large swathes of slushy crap, salt, and sand. Still not conducive to moving a 17# road bike at speeds of 15+mph on the flats and 30+mph down hills.

Also...this birthday month has done a number on those 3.5#s I lost (that ticker rounds-up, which sorta irks me -- I'd rather round-down...less incentive to slack). 3 birthdays and my kid's Winter break, which equates to cake, food, wine, reduced training load, more food, more wine...meh. So I think I'm back up to only a half-pound down. Bah. I'm just going to leave my ticker where it is. To guilt me into actually getting back to that #.

The goods:
Last week we had a fun night at the Great Wolf Lodge up in Traverse City, MI. The 80+º indoor water park was a nice respite from the cold and snow. I'm still paying for all the eating we did over a mere 2 days, though...but buffalo burger and ice cream and breakfast buffet with unlimited bacon...mmm....

We recently discovered The Sufferfest indoor training videos. All are relatively inexpensive downloads that can be burned to DVD. So far we have Local Hero and Revolver. I think Angels will be next on our list.

The workouts are funny (note: I did NOT say FUN...they hurt. A LOT). The humor is snarky and actually humorous...unlike the lame, forced jokes that Coach Troy spouts during the boring (and relatively much more expensive) Spinervals workouts. I'd like to shove his stupid stopwatch up his ass.

New Balance WR905
Other good, I ordered new running shoes. For the past couple of years I have been sorta stuck in Nike Run Avant+s or Lunarfly+s. This is only because New Balance FUBARd the 900 series with the 904. The 902 was the best. shoe. ever (I'm not the only one who feels this way. There are quite a few runners who have been bemoaning the replacement of this shoe for several years). The 903 was acceptable. But the 904 was just terrible...the wides fit snugger than most medium-width shoes I'd tried. So I switched to the Nike Run Avant+s, which tended to run sorta wide and were very similar to the NB 900 series shoes (mild stability, lightweight, flexible). Then Nike replaced the Run Avant+ with the Lunarfly+ and I was less pleased. Same sole unit, but the uppers were cut snugger...bad news for my duck feet.

New Balance WR902
I read several favorable reviews of the 905s that compared them to the 902s...so I just had to try a pair. They feel wonderful out of the box and have that same awesome loop-lacing that I loved on the 902 and Nike Run Avant+. At first I thought maybe they were too big, but I think I've become so accustomed to too-narrow shoes (including my cycling shoes, which are definitely a snug fit, as cycling shoes are supposed to be) over the past couple of years that they actually feel right. I can't wait to take them for a 5 mile spin, tomorrow.

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