Snowpocalypse - We Live to Tell the Tale...

Actually...it wasn't nearly as bad as expected. A few days out we were predicted to get 16-18" based on one model. Then we were downgraded to 12ish, then downgraded again from Blizzard Warning to Winter Storm Warning (still with expected 12", but less brutal winds). Then upgraded back to Blizzard warning.

In the end we did get that foot of snow (I think once all was said and done we got ~13"). But the winds were not nearly as bad as we expected. Areas South and East of us reported 18". And Chicago is reporting 22".

The rugrat had no school yesterday, for obvious reasons. Hubby was able to get to work OK (about 25 miles away and just a mile or two from our son's school), but we also have killer snow tires on my car, so it can handle stuff that a lot of vehicles can't. We were surprised when school was cancelled again, today--especially since the sky is cerulean without a single hint of cloud...gorgeous. But a lot of folks are still digging-out.

I spent the last 2 evenings pedaling the nowhere bike. I'd wanted to run today, but with crazy baby home it's not likely to happen. Plus it is COLD outside. That sunshine is VERY deceptive. Sometimes those clouds act as an insulator and keep us a little bit "warmer."

In other news, a week ago yesterday I started a diet of sorts...nothing too structured, just trying to keep a better handle on what is going in my mouth and what is being burned through my workouts. I'm also trying to cut my carb intake back as much as reasonably possible without bonking during my workouts. So far I seem to be doing OK at around 100 net carbs/day (total carbs - fiber = net carbs). I believe the USRDA suggests 200-300 carbs/day, but this is starting to really be called into question. As someone who lost 60#s on a very low carb diet I've been convinced for the better part of a decade that the emphasis on carbs and vilification of fat during the 70s through the 1990s was aimed entirely in the wrong direction. Recently the medical community has started to rethink that stance, too. All anyone has to do is look at the increase in rates of type 2 diabetes diagnoses during these decades to see that conventional wisdom was off.

I dropped 3#s in the first 5 days...amazing how much water my body lets go of when it doesn't have high glycemic carbs to hold it in like a sponge. I have about 20 more #s that I'd like to lose...maybe another 5 after that, if I still feel like I've got more pudge than necessary. But given the muscle tone that I tend to develop on the bike and doing upper-body weight workouts, 130 may be perfect. I'm kinda a curvy girl to begin with. Years ago I wasn't particularly muscular and got down to 124. Any thinner than that and I would have started looking kinda awkward and bony.

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