$4,000 in 222 Days

This averages to $18.01/day.

Today I registered for my first JDRF Ride to Cure event. I believe this will my hubby's 7th. I've had a road bike under my butt for about 16 months, now, so it's time I joined him and a truly incredible group of people in their efforts to help eradicate this wretched auto-immune disease (unlike the "Type 2" version of the disease, those with Type 1 or "juvenile" diabetes can do nothing to prevent their body from attacking their pancreas. It's not an avoidable "lifestyle illness").

On October 15 I will be pedaling from Furnace Creek up Jubilee Pass and back. 105 miles...in equal (or greater than) temps. Throwing some money my way is the easy part. Your donation is tax-deductable and will go a long way towards helping find a cure for so many. A cure that enables them to be rid of insulin pumps and multiple blood sugar pokes every day.

Help me raise that $18.01/day.

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