Oops, I did it again...

I went and registered for a race...a scary race. My first ever time trial on my bike. You know, the same bike that has yet to see the light of day!!! This is the part that freaks me out. New bike with very different geometry than my previous bike, an entirely new shifting system (SRAM, as opposed to my prior Shimano 105 group), skinnier tires, and brakes that are likely going to stop me WAY faster than what I am used to. The risk of wind is nerve-wracking, as well. Previous bike was 20#s. New bike is about 3#s lighter. Lightweight bike with big tubes works kinda like a sail. Strong cross-wind gusts are scary stuff. That's the time when I wish I were on my 30# steel POS mtn. bike. Nothing moves that thing (not even my pedaling furiously).

Mostly I am worried about corners...and the potential for patches of gravel and ice on the roads, since the race is only 3.5 weeks away and it's still Winter in MI (Mother Nature is not letting us forget this...bitch). The last 4.5 miles don't look fun, either. I'd do better if it were a 260 foot climb over the course of a mile or less. But it's going to be a gradual uphill for that distance. I hope I don't blow up. I've only done one bike race in my 16 months of riding--and that was relatively early-on and I wasn't yet fast enough to do any sort of major damage. Of course, that day was also torrential rain. I guess I've already had a sort of trial by fire on a bike, huh?

Last night we did our latest The Sufferfest workout - Angels. I felt pretty strong after doing a pretty brutal hill workout on the nowhere bike. But the nowhere bike isn't the same as the bike released from the trainer and set out on the roads. I'm prayin' for some warmer days in the next week so that I can start doing some workouts outdoors. The few warmer days we've had have also come with rain, or outside commitments. Then we get a massive storm and the roads are trashed. There have only been a couple of brief windows for outside rides. The rest of the time we've been dealing with temps in the 20s, ice on the roads, and wind. Blech.

Running is going OK. This is actually less frustrating than the biking bits, since the temps are a bit warmer and the roads have been generally clear for at least the past week. Not post-holing through snow or backsliding on ice is sorta nice.

I'm mostly liking my new NB 905s, too. Mostly. The one thing I don't really care for is this "lock-down" liner dealie. It's different than a traditional tongue and the top edge cuts into the spot on my foot where the top of my foot and lower shin "meet." I've got a small chafed spot on both feet. But it seems to be less of a problem as I put more miles on the shoes, so I think the tongue thingie is molding to my foot. I've seen other runners give this feature less than glowing reviews, so I expect NB will address this issue in future versions of the shoe. I'd like to see a traditional tongue, personally...if it ain't broke, and all. My feet sure are happy to be in shoes of an appropriate width for my duckish feet, though. Toes work best when they can spread during the gait-cycle.

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