I have always depended on the kindness of strangers...

This was first uttered by Blanche in A Streetcar Named Desire, but the phrase holds true for me, too. Today a Facebook friend whom I've never met (but is close friends with several of my other friends) submitted a really generous donation to my JDRF Ride To Cure fundraising account. Social networking gets a bad rap a lot of the time, but my overall experience with services like Facebook and message boards has been overwhelmingly positive. I've made some amazing friendships and been privy to some really great experiences, as a result of the internet. This is true even on the local level, which is extra fantastic!

A few days ago I also received my first check from my Flower Power Fundraising Spring fundraiser. In just a couple of weeks I received $45 from orders friends placed. That's pretty nifty. I'm going to do their Summer/Fall program, too, I think. That should be a bit more lucrative, since I can get an online "event" up earlier and run it through the end of the early Fall planting season. I'm also considering trying a fun pasta-themed fundraising program.

Happy to be at the beach
My workouts have been going well...I attribute this almost entirely to improved weather. What a difference it makes to have some warmer days for getting long rides in on the bike. It's such a treat to be able to ride without multiple layers. Sure makes the post-ride laundry situation a bit less overwhelming, as well. I have managed 100+ mile weeks for the past 2.  Sunday we even got into the mid-80s...sweat feels sorta glorious after such a miserably endless Winter (even by MI standards).

This week may end up being north of 100 miles, too. On Sunday we had a JDRF team ride that covered 47 miles for those of us participating in both the routes (last year my hubby--a coach--came up with the idea of doing 2 ride distances, that way we'd end up with essentially 3 different options...short, longer, or both, since the distances are not scheduled simultaneously. It also gives people the option to work the rides around earlier or later obligations). Tonight I'm planning to get in on my first Tues. night ladies' night ride of the season. I really enjoyed those last year. The planned route is about 30 miles, so that already puts me at 77 for the week. Might as well bang out another 23 later in the week for an even 100.

Last week was a very light running week. The plan (from Gale Bernhardt's Training Plans for Multisport Athletes book--I'm doing the advanced sprint duathlon plan) I'm working off of only had 2 3 milers. I threw a 4 miler in there, too. 6 miles in a week is lighter than I felt necessary, especially since this week's plan only has me doing 14 miles.

1mph+ faster than my first metric century a year ago!
During the previous week the hubby and I also took advantage of the rugrat's first overnight field trip to get in our first metric century+ of the year. It was a sunny day, but our route out by the lake was COLD!!! My short-sleeved jersey + arm warmers + knee warmers was not enough to keep me warm. On the bright side, we did our turn-around at our favorite bike shop (plus a late lunch at the brewpub across the street). They had some long-sleeved jerseys on clearance, so I picked up a nice long-sleeve jersey to throw on over my short-sleeved one and arm-warmers...and was still none-too-warm. I kind of wished I'd worn my full-fingered gloves.

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