Little Rock
Introducing: Little Rock
(2011 Redline Conquest)

I'd had every intention of naming my new cyclocross bike "Ed," after Shaun's (of the Dead) best friend...but this diminutive little size 44cm thing isn't lumbering or very masculine.

I still wanted to stick with the zombie theme, as this ride is my "zombie apocalypse" bike (not limited to paved roads, unlike Oby 2, no need for gas, like my car). There was only one character who seemed fitting...Abigail Breslin's character in Zombieland, "Little Rock." She's small, sassy, and kicks zombie butt. The bike is little and rocks...Little Rock. Perfect.

Little Rock's namesake on the far right
Zombieland's Little Rock learns the fine art of the "double-tap" to make sure that the undead are good and...dead.  Little Rock the bike has SRAM Apex "Double-Tap" shifters (a lower-grade version of the system on my road bike...these replaced the stock low-end Shimano components.  I'm not a fan of Shimano--could never get the hang of that system).  And she'll cover "Rule #1: Cardio," as well.

Little Rock (the bike) is quite a bit more beasty than my road bike.  I think she's about 3.5#s heavier and her softer, wider, knobby tires will definitely slow me down on the roads.  But I'll be able to ride her when the roads are snowy/sloppy with studded tires.  Yay for fewer miles logged on the nowhere bike!  As long as it's not super cold or icy I should be able to load on the layers and get a fair number of rides done outdoors, next Winter.  I'm looking forward to exploring some quiet, unpaved backroads, too.  And a cyclocross race or two.  This is the scary part.

Hubby and I are hoping to take her out for her inaugural ride today.  All the rain this past week should have made for some good, wet, sloppy backroads--awesome!  Nothing too ambitious, as tomorrow we're doing another century ride, just 8 days after our previous one.  I'm really antsy to get out on any bike, right now.  I've not ridden since that century, thanks to weather and life.  It's making me more than a little testy.


  1. Oooh, a cyclocross bike! Way cool. I hope you get to do some cyclocross races with it. That would be bad ass!

  2. Aw, she's pretty!

    And I really have got to see Zombieland. It's been on my list for a while now.