Inactivity Begets Inactivity...

I live pretty much from training cycle to training cycle. With the exception of a few quiet months during the Winter when I mostly work-out to maintain a moderate degree of fitness (and even then with some sort of loose plan/goals, like my self-imposed minimum goal of 50 miles/week on the bike) I am generally a slave to the written training plan.

This week has been one of those rare weeks when my plan has been interrupted and I've ended up throwing up my hands in frustration and justifying a lot of laziness, rather than even try to salvage the workout remnants.

Sunday was already a planned "day of rest," since we were sequestered in the car for the 10 hour trip from WI back to MI. I had every intention of climbing back on the horse, so to speak, as soon as Monday rolled-around. And Monday went well, I got in an easy, albeit moist, 5 mile run. Good start. And then it fell apart.

Tues. I'd had plans to do my weight workout, which I did...followed by a bike ride of some sort. But the weather was crap. The weather has continued to be crap until about 15 minutes ago (it's Friday, almost 5pm). I have been getting my run workouts in, since running in cold/windy/wet weather is actually kind of pleasant. But my butt has not seen the saddle of my bike in 6 days. And I'm starting to twitch, especially since my 2nd duathlon of the year is in 16 days, so this was supposed to be a bit of a build-up before I start easing-back to be strong and recovered on race day. Oops.

We're planning to get out as a family tomorrow AM, before we leave for DH's company picnic. My legs really need a good spin, since Sunday we're doing century ride #2 (an organized, unsupported ride with party to follow in honor of several riders' late fathers) for the year. My legs feel stale and I'm missing my bike fix. This will be my first week of not pedaling at least 50 miles since late March -- and that was still a 48 mile week. I haven't dipped below 100 miles/week since the first week of May (and had our Spring been less Winter-like it would have been even longer ago than that, I'm certain).

The lack of riding has me feeling lax about getting my upper-body/core weight workouts in, too. Actually, that's not entirely true--I've been bad about these for about the past month. The lack of bike miles simply has me feeling an extra dose of "aw, f*ck it-ness" about those workouts, too. I have been a champion eater, however (um, fail).

Next week will be better. The forecast is gorgeous. I'm ready for a clean slate and a 180 from the past 6 days of slackerhood.

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