Pedaling My "Old Stomping Grounds"

This past weekend I completed my 2nd century ride ever - Ride For Nature in Door County, WI (where I was raised). 1mph+ faster than first one almost a year ago. Didn't hurt that it was about 15-20º cooler. Absolutely gorgeous day. Light headwinds at the end were rough. Finished really strong (after feeling pretty rough from about 70-95 miles) and we rode the last 13 miles with a nice woman from Oshkosh. She has been riding about as long as I have.

Gorgeous course, especially the first 2/3 (when I was conscious enough to enjoy the scenery--smart planning!). Some roads felt paved by angels. We were able to ride for miles without seeing cars. Sure beats our WI roads. Even the "worst" roads were not half bad compared to a lot of the chip-seal garbage I ride on a regular basis.

Wonderful post-ride pasta meal with BIG cups of Fat Tire beer. Totally worth the $40 entry fee...ample food and drink at all 5 stops. Ran into my dad's cousin, wife, and daughters at the lunch break (they were doing the 25 mile ride). It was a really fun surprise. I remembered that they biked a bit, but had no idea they were riding...they had no idea I was even in the area. I haven't seen them in probably 20 years.

Really hope we can do this again, next year!

Skipping stones
at Pebble Beach
It was fun playing tourist for a few days, too. I got in a short run with a childhood friend, 2 orders of batter-fried cheese curds, frozen custard, swedish pancakes at Al Johnson's, fish boil, my first shot of bitters (jury's still kinda out on that one), stone-skipping at Pebble Beach, and Dane rode a passenger ferry to Washington Island with my folks while Derek and I rode our bikes.

This weekend I will be doing my 3rd century ever...an organized, but free and unsupported ride in honor of several friends' late fathers. The friend who founded the ride has been doing this for several years, after the sudden passing of her own dad. My hubby lost his father to cancer not long before, so we will ride in his honor. Afterwards there will be lots of sharing of food and the New Glarus beer contraband we brought back from WI.

Word on the street is that there's a flashy white and blue cyclocross bike with lime/acid/poison green accoutrements being put together for me (apparently my hubby and our bike shop buddy were in cahoots, recently). So hopefully I will have a post with photos, soon.

Since we returned from WI I have been unable to get out on my bike...mostly due to weather. It's been less than cooperative in the form of rain, wind, lightning -- just wholly unpredictable. Looks like the next 2 days will be nothing but rain. Sheesh. Only 2.5 weeks until my next duathlon, so that's kind of a bummer. I've been getting my runs in, so all is not lost. I also found out about a new du the day before Labor Day, so I am thisclose to registering for that. Would give me cause to keep running all Summer (even though the bike is definitely the more appealing activity, most days). It would also help me get in the "at least 3" duathlons that I'd planned at the start of the year. I had to bail on 2, so I'm going to be sitting on only 2 if I don't find another one. Most dus seem to be on the other side of the state, unfortunately.

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