The dangers of being a running cyclist

There is a very real risk that you will become so accustomed to only applying sunblock down to your sockline. This is all well and good if/when you are actually wearing socks. Kinda not so good when you are at the beach.

My beach bumming day was utterly lovely, though, aside from the random spots where I missed sunblock.  We (the rugrat and I) sat under perfectly blue skies for about 3 hours with a friend and her kids.  Really a perfect day.  Perfect temps (in the low 80s), low humidity, gentle breeze, good company (we ran into a few other friends on the shore with their kids).  Pure Michigan (love that ad campaign).

I have my 2nd sprint duathlon of the year in 2 days, so today was a rest day...and rest I did!  Rest + 2 bottles of New Glarus' finest (1 Spotted Cow and 1 Moon Man) accompanied me to the beach.

I have high hopes for this race.  My training for my last race was overly aggressive, but my taper was inadequate.  I arrived at the starting line still feeling pretty beat.  Instead of feeling jumpy with pent-up energy I felt heavy and sluggish.  I PRd my first 5k leg by a mere 1 second and the cycling leg (that wasn't any surprise...new, lighter, more aggressive bike and a full year more cycling experience)...but died by the last running leg.  This time around I am going to do my best to go out a hair slower for that first run leg...treat it a more of a tempo warm-up.  I'd prefer to have even or negative run splits, this time around.  I still plan to go gangbusters on the bike leg, though.  That's my strong suit (not that this is saying much...it's all relative).

The only bummer is that I will be missing out on a BIG JDRF training ride starting late morning.  My race is at 7:45.  I expect to be done by 9:30 or so, but I'm assuming that I won't be able to get my bike out of transition until all of the olympic distance triathlon competitors are done...so that could take a while.  I doubt I'd be able to leave earlier than 10:30 and the training ride is an hour away.  It's OK.  I won't likely want to abuse my legs more after the race, anyhow.  If I do it right I won't be able to drag more out of them.

In bittersweet news...I finally sold my original Oby bike (so now I have 2 bikes, Oby 2, the road machine, and Little Rock, the cyclocross beastie).  The bike that got me hooked.  But I'm glad that my first velo-baby went to a friend in Oregon.  If any bike can get a person feeling the bike love, it's that pretty machine.

I took $750 from the sale of that bike and dumped it right into my JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes fundraising account.  That put me just beyond the halfway mark toward my $4000 fundraising goal.  Right now I'm at about a dollar/mile pedaled in 2011, which is kind of a funny coincidence.  I still have a long way to go, though, and we're now <100 days away from the big ride.


  1. I have tan lines in all sorts of places girls should not have tan lines on! I keep folding my shorts up and up but I can only hike them up so far....

  2. Sometimes I hate my tan lines...but I kind of think they are badges of honor. Hard work earns us goofy tan lines. :D