How ya' like me now?!

I'm on the leaderboard, I'm on the leaderboard, I'm on the leaderboard... *does a little dance*
Turns out my suspicions were correct--the original 2nd place "female" finisher wasn't a female named Brian...it was a male named Brian.  Once the race photos came out I was able to get a gander at the participant in question and verify that Brian was either a guy or a kinda fugly and androgynous woman with 5 o'clock shadow.

I e-mailed the race director late last week and this AM the results had been adjusted. Hopefully the legitimate 3rd place woman in my age group and will receive her deserved reward.  I'm happy to be 4th in my AG and 5th woman, overall, too.  I've never seen my name on the leaderboard like that, before.

I also discovered that there were actually 32 women in the race, not 25, as had originally been printed somewhere.

Woot woot!

Yesterday I was not 100% recovered from the race 6 days earlier AND was feeling pretty beat-up from inadequate sleep for a couple of nights (thanks, cat puking next to my bed early Sat. AM!) and a day on my bike during a pedal-powered poker run on the White Pine Trail the day before...involving beer at each stop (5 beers + 1 cider). Sounds like the perfect set-up for my very first Kisscross (keep it simple, stupid) cyclocross race...whoohoooo!!!

It was a blast! Maybe the most fun I've ever had being miserable for 40 minutes. That may still go to the 2010 North Country Trail Relay when I FUBARd my ankle, though. That was more miserable. Cyclocross is kind of comical misery. A prime example can be seen here (photos are copyright-protected and the guy who does all the photography events is a truly awesome, class-act guy, so I won't douche-ily make a screen grab. I hope by the end of CX season that he snags a few shots of me that I'll want to purchase).

Note that I am not leaping or flying over the barriers...I trotted between each barrier, then had to pretty much stop and step over them.  That trail relay-bummed ankle still doesn't really do leaping or jumping, either.  I have my doubts that it ever will, again, which is part of the reason that I'm sporting that ankle brace.  It's mostly as a buttress against further injury, which cyclocross definitely invites.

Another funny photo...this one is my hubby, marking his territory, apparently.

As proof that I rode hard yesterday (hey, I was 2nd to last female in the C race, not last or even last, overall, though I think I did get lapped by at least a couple of riders...damn!), I have random broken blood vessels on my legs.  Not bruises--there was no impact.  I get these funny little ruptures any time I ride with any level of intensity.  It's weird.

I was proud of myself for making it through 8 miles of mostly unpaved riding without falling even once.  I even made it down a SCARY downhill 7 times (warm-up lap and 6 race laps).  I've never before done a real downhill on sand and dirt.  But I found that the more tired I got, the better I seemed to ride, almost.  At least on the scarier spots.  I lost much of my tentativeness.  Where I started doing dumb things was on the easier sections...things like taking corners with my inside leg down.  I caught my pedal in the ground at one point and it's amazing that I didn't fall, then.  I really struggled on one particular slow, sharp turn around a tree, too, since I have a very small frame (shut up, it's because I have a short inseam!), so my toes will overlap my front wheel.  This isn't an issue at all at faster speeds, but at slow speeds and tight turns when the wheel is turned more to either side...well, it is something I have to be ever conscious of.

I'm really looking forward to my next race, this coming Sunday.  I should be better rested, stronger, and more confident.  Someday maybe I can even fantasize about finishing in the first half of the C-field, too, heh.  It's definitely one of many things that gives me more incentive to want to drop these same freaking, nagging 20#s that have been dogging me for the last 6 years, or so.  I could be faster at pretty much everything I enjoy, with the same effort and training.  I'm not getting any younger...40 is breathing down my neck and I know losing the chub is only going to get harder with each passing year.  Would be nice to not have the degree of cellulite and extra chins, too. It would help if there weren't treats like Founders' Brewery (race sponsor) porter floats at the race finish, too, ahem.


  1. I am glad you said something, cause the woman who came in second was my friend I emailed you about. The one you called a beast! I told her...is she supposed to win something?

  2. I'm not sure she would receive anything for taking 2nd overall, but she must have been an age-group placer, so she earned a moose medal. She should definitely contact the race director (his name is Don...I think he works at or owns the Honey Creek Inn).

  3. BTW, I am so happy for you! I told you once you are awesome! I want to grow up just like you:-)

  4. Aww...thanks! Once you get your bike you can start pedaling up a storm, too. That's all it takes! Run-bike-run! :D

  5. :-] I can't wait, actually! I am pumped! I rode on the bike to nowhere tonight. I did 4 miles, but could have went further, but I don't want to kill myself with an injury. Slowly but surely...Hopefully I will be up to my goals distance wise this spring, then I can work on my time! Thanks for all your help!

  6. That's the way to do it--time or distance. Same with running. Generally distance is the best thing to work on, first. :)