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I've been a busy little bee the past couple of days.  The ODRAM (One Day Ride Across MI) planning committee met earlier in the week to start discussing the 2012 ride.  My hubby is the official "cartographer" and had also been the "webmaster" for the previous year.  The "site" consisted of a simple information page with an email contact for more info.  Most riders gleaned info. from a Facebook event page, as well.

This year the committee decided to have a more official and complete site developed and asked me to help--cool beans!

So I kinda dove-in headfirst.  I had considered building the site from scratch, which would be very labor-intensive and probably look incredibly clumsy, since my HTML coding skills are amateur, at best.  I also don't have the best handle on CSS coding.  I'm better at tweaking existing code.

Rough draft of the new-and-improved ODRAM site's FAQs page
The easiest solution I came up with was to take a Blogger template site and customize it to work more as a website than a blog.  Aside from the top navbar it doesn't really function like a typical Blogger site.

Instead of a single page with numerous entries, there are multiple pages...home, route maps, FAQs, organizers' bios, relevant links, contact.  We're also hoping to get some positive testimonials to post on the site.  Once the site is closer to being ready for wide-release we'll point the existing odram.com URL to the Blogger page.

Unlike most blog entries there won't be a spot for comments to be left on any of the pages, instead we will direct people to an official Facebook group page for question/answer.  This will help prevent clutter on the official site and to encourage more discussion and communication amongst participants and organizers.

Miss Matchy-Matchy Muddy Butt
This past weekend I competed in my 5th ever cyclocross race.  Fun times, again!  I placed 7/11 in the women's C race.  Initially the result was 6/10, so a woman's result must have gotten mixed into the men's ranking.  11 women in this race is GREAT!  I think last year they were lucky to have more than 2-3 women riding in any of the races.

Jack Kunnen snagged another nice photo of me...all matchy-matchy with my bike (I took some ribbing for that.  To be fair, I had the arm sleeves and tank under my jersey for years before the bike or jersey were even in existence), scooping in as much air as I could muster with my mouth agape.  When the season has closed I think DH and I are going to have to order a few digital copies of his work.  In all the running races I've done I think I have maybe 2 photos that were worth ordering.  Jack seems to shoot at least one good shot of me at every race.

There were some good spots of mud on the course, which got increasingly muddy with each lap.  The A and B racers got FILTHY!  It was a beautiful thing.

Next Sunday (3 days after Thanksgiving) is the last CX race of the season.  I'm already feeling sorta blue about it.  But there are a few Winter "snowcross" races that I hope to try.  I'm guessing that my mountain bike might be more useful for that.  As if I weren't already completely lacking in barrier-clearing skills.  I think my mtn. bike weighs at least 10#s more than my CX bike, too!  I'd better start pumping iron NOW!

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