I've been a bad widdle blogger....

It's been over a month since my last confes...er...blog entry.

Umm...lessee...in that time I rode my last cyclocross race of the 2011 Kisscross season.  It was a good time, but not quite as fun as some of the earlier races.  It was cold and wet and dreary.  I also had my first fall during a CX race.  Technically I fell twice, but only once during the actual race.  I also fell during the warm-up...underestimated the oomph I needed to get up a steep little bump.  The actual race fall was a matter of my front wheel not wanting to turn in deep, gloopy mud.   So I pretty much ran over one of the orange plastic stakes that hold the yellow course marking tape.  I crushed the stake...with my mighty left leg.  Uh...except the stake was pretty much intact and I had a bruise on both my thigh and calf from the stake.  It was still a good time, though.  I miraculously made it through a stretch of mud on the first lap (but not the 2nd and 3rd laps).  Quite a few people didn't make it through on any attempt.  On the first lap the biggest issue was crowding.  I'm not sure how I managed to keep rolling and not have to dismount to dodge other riders.  Luck.

Derek competed in his first ever "B" race and made it through about halfway before he majorly blew a tire (not just the innertube, the entire tire).  In a mad dash to find a substitute bike he grabbed mine...keep in mind that there is nearly a full foot height difference between my spouse and I.  See the giant man on the tiny clown bike...

Post race we enjoyed soup and beer and the company of friends at a wonderful Irish-themed tavern right next door to our favorite bike shop (across the street from that is a microbrewery--can you see part of the reason that we love that shop so much?!).

Work continues towards getting the ODRAM site ready to go live.  We hope to have it ready to go before the new year.  Building this site keeps reminding me how fun that day was and how much I am looking forward to riding across the state, again.  This time sans-monsoon, I hope.

Yesterday I mailed our annual holiday card.  Every year I say I'm going to cut back, yet I somehow have managed to mail 79 of those things.  I think that's a new record.  Sheesh.  Perhaps in the future I should simply do a blog entry with the photo for all of our electronically inclined friends and family.  That would probably cut the # of cards I mail down to to maybe 20 (like my luddite parents).

We're down to just 4 more days until Christmas Eve. I'm really looking forward to our relatively new tradition of Chinese take-out on the night before Christmas, a mostly quiet day on the actual holiday, followed by a road trip to WI to spend time with my family for a few days after Christmas.

I especially can't wait for DS to "unwrap" his primary gift: a shiny new Redline Conquest 24.  It's the baby version of my cyclocross bike.  And when I say shiny, I'm not kidding...it has chrome bar tape and I found a chrome-painted version of the same bottle cage model that I use on all of my bikes!  We're still not sure how we will unveil it.  Right now we're thinking of some sort of treasure hunt with clues on various items that he unwraps.  We are actually considering stashing it in the shower, of all places.  He's a 10 year old boy...he'd never look THERE!