It's colder than a...

I really hate the phrases "lake effect" and "wind chill" or "feels like temperature." I'm not a fan of Winter.  As a kid I recall it being my favorite season.  I would wear shorts to school in January (in Wisconsin) like it was completely sane to do.  I hated Summer heat.  I still don't like when the thermometer creeps above 90 (and that's mostly an acclimation thing.  Once we have a week or so of hot I usually start to ENJOY it a little), but I find it pretty tolerable.  It's truly the humidity that I loathe more.  I think I could be pretty happy living in the desert.

We have been relatively spoiled this Winter...thus far.  But the past week has brought us more typical January weather.  I don't care for it.  Cold, snow, wind, a drafty house and itchy skin from the overly dry heated air (even with a console humidifier running 24/7).  My knuckles crack and bleed.  It's overcast.  Yesterday I failed to get in a workout (helped a friend out transporting her preschooler to and from preschool and ran some errands...didn't want to have to take a second shower and anger my already irritated Winter skin) and today I'm sorta regretting that, since I REALLY don't want to run outdoors with windchills bouncing just below and just above 0.  And slip-sliding around on snowy/icy roads.  I'd make a damned poor Canadian.

Big oaf on his giant fat bike.
Photo courtesy of our friend, Josh Duggan
Thus far the only cool thing I've found about this Winter (I mean, aside from not having much of one) was spectating last weekend's first "fat bike" race.  DH has one of these, a Salsa Mukluk.  Part of me thinks I'd enjoy Winter more if I had one of these franken-bikes (perhaps I will win one, I've purchased a bunch of $5 raffle tickets from Velo-City Cycles...100% of tickets sold go to the JDRF), but the other part of me LOATHES the laundry required to ride outdoors in the Winter.  A few days ago I did my first ever ride on my cyclocross bike with studded tires (hubby joined me) and that was fun, even with the 13º windchill.  But the laundry...ugh!  A single workout for 2 adults required at least a full load of laundry.  And it takes forever to get all those layers on...and neoprene shoe covers (those things are particularly irritating to deal with--I totally get why people who ride more in the Winter invest in actual winter cycling boots.  I would, too).  Yuck, I've decided those things were invented by Satan, himself.

So, at some point I have a 4 miler on the agenda, but I'm definitely dragging my feet and waiting for the "warmest" window of the day to do it.  Weather.com keeps moving that window.  I'm sure Old Man Winter is getting a real kick out of that.

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