Thinking Spring!

And with that comes our plans to do some major rearranging of rooms and renovations to get our house ready to sell in the next couple of years. DH is really tired of his 30 minute work commute, each way, and we can't be as involved with DS's school as we would like, as he attends a Montessori charter school near DH's work. We also would love to be closer to our favorite bike shop to get in on more group rides without spending 2 hours in the car to do so. We're also not fond of the local school district--it's a football program with a school--so we'd like to be in the area of 2 very good districts before DS enters HS.

A big part of our plans include fixing up the larger of the 2 small rooms upstairs for DS to use. We're finally working through the boxes of stuff upstairs (a good decade after we should have done so) and purging things that we have no use for. Things like old Natl. Geos, college notebooks and folders, and DS's giant box of old shoes (they are crunchy!). Getting rid of stupid wedding gifts like silverplated picture frames, cutesy ceramic figurines, and cut glass bowls. Those gifts always say to me "I don't know anything about you or your tastes, so I'm going to buy you a cheap, useless gift and eat free food at your reception" (those items will go to Goodwill for someone to regift as a tacky gift at someone else's wedding, ha!). We'll easily be able to consolidate all of our boxed stuff into the smaller of the 2 rooms.
No football, baseball, basketball,
or soccer for our sporty kid!

We've already got a theme picked out for DS's room and have purchased a few items. We got him the cyclocross road sign for his birthday, the drapes, and the storage ottoman. Also a green table lamp--I think he's most excited about that and having a room with big windows and lots of daylight for reading in bed. Other stuff we'll get later (like the green and blue Ikea duvet cover.  There's a red and orange one that I wish came in a king size).

The room we plan to fix up is ~10x10' (the other room is at least 20 sq. ft smaller--like a prison cell with windows!), but has only a 6.5' ceiling and sloped walls and no closet, so we have to get creative with storage. We're planning to make a trip to Ikea in Detroit with a couple of friends and a big truck. The plan is to get several shorter wardrobes (the ceiling height in most of the rooms of our house really limits our choices), bed frames/headboards, and other storage items. 

DH and I are going to yank up the carpet in DS's current room (the largest room in the house and in desperate need of toy-downsizing) and repaint, then move our bedroom into this room. 

The hideous pink carpet in the room DS will be moving into will be removed, as well as layers of pink floral wallpaper pulled down and random cracks and small holes in the ceiling will be patched. In most of the upstairs we will be laying down plywood and painting that (there are some really neat painted plywood projects online...we'd probably go with opaque porch paint, though a clear polyurethane coat may be an option, too, depending upon the look of the plywood.  If it's attractive on its own we may not wan to conceal it), which will be a nice flooring surface that the next owners can easily use as subflooring for laminate or carpet.

Our current bedroom (downstairs) will become the living room (and offer more room for using the sofa AND the bikes indoors at the same time), the living room will become the dining room, and the current "dining room" will get a few bookshelves and the futon and become a library space (our current dining room is really a glorified hallway that connects 4 rooms and the upstairs stairwell, so having even our small table in the middle is a royal hassle).

We've also realized (after I took some measurements) that we should be able to enclose an area at the top of the stairs into a real closet with bi-fold doors. So we will be able to DOUBLE the closet space in this house to TWO whole closets, ha!  We will still plan to pick up Ikea wardrobes for our room and one near the front door, since we currently have no hall/coat closet.

All of these projects will update the house, make the space more useable, and hopefully make the house more sellable.  I think I've finally lit a fire under DH's butt to get the kitchen finished (we've been living without cabinet doors or drawer fronts for at least 5 years--not stock sizes, so we can't go out and just buy existing stuff.  I REALLY wish I would have pushed harder for stock cabinetry when he got it in his head that he wanted to do extreme DIY kitchen remodeling!), as well as the floors, too.  Years ago we laid down unfinished pine planks and have discovered that they are quite brittle and lead to slivers.  We need to sand and finish them properly.

Now if only my dream house would still be available once we sell this place...

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