Spring/Summer Has Sprung!

*clears cobwebs* *opens windows*

Hmmm...it's sorta musty in here. And as I sit here it's 77º outside. This isn't even the warmest day of the week, which is freaky. Is it March or May? DH heard that our temps would be near record even for April...but they are most definitely well into record warm for March. Things are blooming a solid month ahead of time. The forsythia are blooming at least 4 weeks ahead of schedule, as are daffodils. Our tulips are coming up and will be long gone by the time of Holland, MI's Tulip Time Festival. In past warm years they've dubbed it "Stem Fest."

The past week+'s amazing weather has meant my mojo has returned with full force. Sure makes up for last year's neverending Winter. We still had ice on our roads well into April. My only concern is what will happen to local crops if we have a hard freeze, which is still a risk for another month. That could be devastating to MI's agricultural economy.

For the past 2 weeks I've been having fun coaching Girls On Track (the 6th grade segment of Girls On The Run) with a friend. What a fun group of young women. In 2 months the girls will run their 5k race. For most of the girls this is not their first GOTR season, so many of them have run 5ks before and are eager to keep running. It's fun to see them having such a great time running together and supporting one-another. 

I've had a couple of good running weeks of late, too. About a week ago I ran my first double-digit mileage run since the 2010 Las Vegas Marathon, I think. I don't believe I covered more than 8 miles in a single run in all of 2011. I also did my first successful rolling dismount on my CX bike a few days ago...it was so fun and easy that I did 4 more. Now I just need to do it right during a race, which will be MUCH more challenging when my brain is depleted of oxygen.

DS on his bike
...with his dad's disembodied head and arm
Speaking of cyclocross, DS has gotten out 2x on his new Redline CX bike. He was really apprehensive and not entirely happy for his first 6 mile ride. 2 days later he did 8 miles and it was like he was a different kid. It didn't take him long to feel more comfortable with the different handling of the new bike. It's certainly more agile and maneuverable than his previous tank of a BMX bike (previously his dad's bike).

We have a cyclocross race (a friend's JDRF Ride to Cure fundraiser) coming up in just over 3 weeks.  DS is already contemplating doing it on his zippy bike.  By this next Fall he should be definitely ready to get in on some of the Kisscross races.  I'm already certain that the day that he kicks my butt is not too far off. There are <14 year olds who already do.  Sheesh.

Most of my fitness efforts are aimed at the Flying Pig Half Marathon and Fifth-Third Riverbank Run 25k, at the moment...which is sort of frustrating.  Last Spring was a better one for running and less ideal for cycling, when my emphasis was more on the bike.  Now things are reversed.  Murphy's Law is no joke...  After this Spring I have a lot of great cycling events on the agenda, though, which I'm really looking forward to, especially if this Summer ends up freakishly hot, which is entirely likely given this Spring, thus far.


  1. The calendar says Spring started on March 20.

    We Michiganders know it doesn't REALLY start until Bell's Oberon is released.

    March 25! Only 3 more days!

  2. I was just telling DH that we picked THE year to train for Lumberjack 100 and to skip the spring running (RBR, 1/2 marathon).

    BTW, your DS is super cute on his cross bike. He looks like a little pro!