Scenes from my Saddle

I'm continuing to have so much fun using Instagram.  I'm not actually using the app to record each photo (I use an iPhone app called ProCamera, which seemed to yield the most control and best results of any app I'd tried), though maybe I should give that a try.  Right now it's a multi-step process using a separate app to take each image.  This isn't all that cumbersome, however, since I'm not doing any Instagram manipulation until later.

Today I rode 31+ miles including a pass through one of my very favorite parts of our area.  Duck Lake State Park was especially lovely on this blustery day.  Here are 3 of my favorite shots taken from my bike (while stopped and straddling the top tube--I am far too big a klutz to actually shoot while moving...and I like my phone too much to risk dropping it).
Lake Michigan

Speaking of scenes from the saddle, a couple of weeks ago I found video that someone had done from a handlebar-mounted camera during our Kisscross race on September 30.  At the start my kid yells "Go, Kirsten" and friends cheer "Go, Zoomy!"  If you zip ahead you can actually see me pass on the left at 13:08.  In about a minute's time I jumped from women's 6th to 4th place (this is after getting pushed into the tape around a crowded corner, then having to readjust my saddle, which gotten knocked cock-eyed on a plastic pole. It took me over a lap to catch back up to the field).

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