A picture...

...tells a thousand words:

The rugrat is damned lucky that I'll be unable to ride for probably at least another month.  For now "Mongo" is all his.


I had my suspicions...

6 Days ago I posted the following to my favorite online women's running group re: my spouse's sudden off behavior:
I have an inkling that he may have bought one of these in an XS: [photo of 2013 Salsa Mukluk 3 removed]

Why do I think this? Well, he's been overly giddy for days...like he has a secret that he is dying to tell and can barely contain.

Also, DS and I could share one right now and DS's current bike is more cumbersome for him to handle than a fat bike...and the kid has been obsessed with Mukluks since he rode one 3 weeks or so ago.
So a few days ago DH whispers to me that he had a lead on an acquaintance's available 2012 3 with only 70 miles on it and would I want it (ummm, duh, such a silly question to ask, really).  She is selling it for over 1/3 off of original retail!

2012 Salsa Mukluk 3
Granted, the 2013 is visually more appealing in a sort of blaze orange metallic with orange hubs, but it has SRAM trigger shifters, which I find require a lot of finger strength vs. Shimano triggers (one reason I waited for the 2013 version of my mountain bike was for Shimano triggers--0 regrets).  The 2012 has grip/twist shifters, which may be easier for me to operate sooner with my gimpy right wrist/hand.

Plus there are things we can do to bling this bike out.  The stock rims are solid aluminum, but holes can be drilled to save weight.  People have done really creative things with decorative duct tape or wide ribbon as rim liner.

And I have a local friend with the current orange frame...being too matchy-matchy would be extra dorky.

Like last year, I am finding the days pass so slowly as I anticipate DS's reaction to seeing an awesome new bike "under" the tree.

I expect DS will gain a lot of confidence riding on snow and sandy 2-track with this bike, with us along on our 29ers.  I'll be able to join DH for rides on his 2012 Muk 2, too.  Now this wrist needs to heal so that I can go play with the new toy, too!

As for the wrist, healing is going well and alignment was deemed good, so I will continue to be in this long arm cast until 1/4 (4 weeks of cast + 9 days of splint immediately after crash).  At that time the cast will come off and I will either get a short arm cast or a "fancy splint," as my ortho called it, for another couple of weeks.  I am all for the fancy splint, for obvious reasons:

Weight loss is continuing to progress.  I lost over 8#s in the first week, then stalled for close to a week.  In the past 3 days I have dropped another 2#s.  Now comes the difficult time.  When I first did Atkins I lost 40#s in the first year.  It took close to 2 more years to lose the last 20#s, which is what remains.  My body fights weight loss tooth-and-nail once I start nearing a size 6, which in vanity sizing on my short self isn't really small.


I resemble this.

Seems to be the story of my life when it comes to mountain biking.  Before fracturing my wrist I gave myself countless massive hematomas, scrapes, mildly sprained fingers, and my left shoulder is still a bit jacked-up from a fall maybe a month ago (so I am really forced to sleep on my back, which angers my lower back ever since that bout I had with back stuff earlier in the Fall).  The worst of these things have all occurred with my new bike--I was only sort of kidding when I said it would get me into trouble faster!

Ironically, my little sidebar quote of the day is:
She who succeeds in gaining the mastery of the bicycle will gain the mastery of life.  ~  Frances E. Willard
The latest in gimpy fashion
Fortunately my sassy new cape/poncho should arrive tomorrow and the forecast looks nice (for December in MI), so I have every plan of getting out for a walk.  Ortho never told me I couldn't do THAT!  Cape is heavy fleece with nylon lining...ideal for venturing out in the cold with a monstrous cast that doesn't fit inside any other outerwear items I currently own.  DH believes his 2XL fleece jackets should suffice, but they are large even on his 6'2" broad-shouldered frame.  On my shrinking 5'3.5" small-shouldered physique I look like a little kid trying on dad's clothes.

And it was only $40 at 6pm.com and I don't really own anything suitable for both jeans and dress-up.  This should suffice.

Perhaps I will start sleeping better if I am able to get some physical activity beyond one-armed laundry and meal prep.


I'm Bored! *cries*

I had anticipated the ortho would put me in a short cast with waterproof liner so that I could run on dry roads or treadmill and ride the recumbent "nowhere bike" at the little local gym.  No such luck.  Instead I am trapped in a full arm cast that still has to be covered for showers.  Harumph!

And doctor's orders are NO EXERCISE until at least my post-New Year's appt. when he might replace the long arm cast with a short with waterproof liner.  Fuckity.  I will easily have at least 5 weeks of inactivity.

It also really screws with my sleep, as I am 100% a side-sleeper and cannot comfortably sleep on either side.  Sleeping on my back is uncomfortable and I wake a lot.

Accomplishing the simplest of chores is difficult, too.  My right (dominant) hand is mostly worthless.  I cannot write legibly at all with my left hand (and my penmanship was never good to begin with!).  Typing my last 2 blog entries have taken an eternity with hunt-and-peck typing and going back to fix an abundance of errors.  I have become reasonably skilled with left-hand mouse operation, however.

Fortunately we have the new iPad and DH finally caved for a Netflix streaming acct.  We've watched The Artist, Hugo, and Limitless.  I really like sitting in bed with a big glass of wine and a movie.  It feels entirely luxurious.  Renewed my library card to get some ebooks, too.  Last week a friend of mine lent me a Kindle book...nifty that one can do that.  The iPad is easy to operate one-handed...even a simple book is tough to manage without 2 fully-functional hands!

On the bright side of all of this, weight loss is a piece of sugar-free crustless cheesecake.  A week ago I started back on Atkins Induction (not followed to the letter a couple of days...wine/alcohol, nuts, and going over 20 net carbs are no-nos) for the first time in 7 or 8 years ago.  The first time around I dropped 60#s in 2 years.  I managed to regain half of that over the years...but it's tough to lose while eating for endurance sports training and competition.

As of this AM I am already down 8.2#s in a single week (entering ketosis allows cells to release all the excess water required to process carbs and store glycogen).  After this past week my loss should slow considerably as my body fuels itself on fat (both stored and ingested).  I'd really be happy to drop even 15-20 while I am laid-up and rebuilding fitness this Winter.  My ultimate goal is to lose 25-30#, depending upon body fat.  I will certainly lose fitness, but with a smaller physique to haul around I may not lose any speed.

Atkins is ideal for healing busted bones, since it's easy to eat ample protein and calcium-rich dairy.  Win-win!

This weight loss thing could get $$...another 10#s down and I will likely need new bras (sports and regular), undies, bike shorts/knickers (that's gonna be especially $$), jeans/pants...  Big goal is 125-30, depending upon body fat %age.



Right distal radius and ulna...busted!
So...if we're friends on FB, IRL, or via my favorite running or cycling support boards you have likely seen the predicament I got myself into 5 days ago.

I'm still not entirely certain HOW I broke my right wrist...I mean, yeah, I was on my mountain bike, and then I wasn't (I can get myself into trouble so much faster on my new bike!) and it was on a totally namby pamby section of trail.  I know I had some wheel slip around a corner and then likely overcorrected.

Surprisingly I didn't find things to be all THAT painful (I think decades of dealing with endometriosis have given me a warped pain tolerance, to be perfectly honest).  I can't recall if I fell or if I reached out to avoid ramming trees.  I wasn't covered in dirt, that I can recall, and didn't have tell-tale lower body bruising.  I think when I gave myself a 2nd degree left ankle sprain during a trail relay a couple of years back it hurt worse, in my recollection (and I managed to run another 9.9 miles on that injury).  And initially I didn't realize it was broken.  It was only after I pushed up my sleeves and saw my wrist that I was all "hmmm...that doesn't look right."  Before looking at my wrist I thought for a moment that I could carefully ride out...until I tried to put weight on it.

I wasn't sure if DH and our riding buddies were planning to wait for me at a trail junction, since they were planning to do an extra short loop and after ~18 miles I was ready to head to the car and change out of my cycling bottoms...so I started pushing my bike back with my good arm.  Not long after DH comes back on the trail to find me.  He was truly far more upset by my predicament than I was.

I am right-handed, naturally, but I am getting good at doing stuff with my left hand.  It probably is to my advantage that I have a lot of lefties in my family.  One-handed typing is still a slow, arduous PITA.  Today the iPad we ordered on Black Fri. should arrive.  My phone has been easier to type on than my computer keyboard, but the tiny screen leaves something to be desired.

The good news is that the ER was able to do a good job resetting things and the ortho doc doesn't foresee my needing surgery, unlike my 2 friends who have fractured their wrists this year.  Phew!  Ti hardware can be problematic in the event of future fractures.

My good hand could provide mid race nutrition in the form of bacon!
Yesterday I attended another CX race as a benched rider...last Kisscross race of the season.  Between injuries and illnesses I ended up only doing about 2/3 as many races as I had originally planned.  But cheering and heckling are almost as much fun as racing.  I managed to pass out 2 boxes worth of pre-cooked bacon hand-ups!

Today I started my first day of low-carb eating, as planned pre-injury.  After I get my permanent cast on in 4 days I will likely join a little local gym with recumbent stationary bikes, treadmills and ellipticals.  When roads are clear I hope to run outdoors.  I hope to not lose too much fitness before I start training for the Go St. Louis Half Marathon in Jan.  I was planning to start with a 15mpw base.  I think that will still be manageable, especially if I can drop 10#s or so in the next month.  Totally do-able if my past history doing low-carb is any indication of potential results.