I had my suspicions...

6 Days ago I posted the following to my favorite online women's running group re: my spouse's sudden off behavior:
I have an inkling that he may have bought one of these in an XS: [photo of 2013 Salsa Mukluk 3 removed]

Why do I think this? Well, he's been overly giddy for days...like he has a secret that he is dying to tell and can barely contain.

Also, DS and I could share one right now and DS's current bike is more cumbersome for him to handle than a fat bike...and the kid has been obsessed with Mukluks since he rode one 3 weeks or so ago.
So a few days ago DH whispers to me that he had a lead on an acquaintance's available 2012 3 with only 70 miles on it and would I want it (ummm, duh, such a silly question to ask, really).  She is selling it for over 1/3 off of original retail!

2012 Salsa Mukluk 3
Granted, the 2013 is visually more appealing in a sort of blaze orange metallic with orange hubs, but it has SRAM trigger shifters, which I find require a lot of finger strength vs. Shimano triggers (one reason I waited for the 2013 version of my mountain bike was for Shimano triggers--0 regrets).  The 2012 has grip/twist shifters, which may be easier for me to operate sooner with my gimpy right wrist/hand.

Plus there are things we can do to bling this bike out.  The stock rims are solid aluminum, but holes can be drilled to save weight.  People have done really creative things with decorative duct tape or wide ribbon as rim liner.

And I have a local friend with the current orange frame...being too matchy-matchy would be extra dorky.

Like last year, I am finding the days pass so slowly as I anticipate DS's reaction to seeing an awesome new bike "under" the tree.

I expect DS will gain a lot of confidence riding on snow and sandy 2-track with this bike, with us along on our 29ers.  I'll be able to join DH for rides on his 2012 Muk 2, too.  Now this wrist needs to heal so that I can go play with the new toy, too!

As for the wrist, healing is going well and alignment was deemed good, so I will continue to be in this long arm cast until 1/4 (4 weeks of cast + 9 days of splint immediately after crash).  At that time the cast will come off and I will either get a short arm cast or a "fancy splint," as my ortho called it, for another couple of weeks.  I am all for the fancy splint, for obvious reasons:

Weight loss is continuing to progress.  I lost over 8#s in the first week, then stalled for close to a week.  In the past 3 days I have dropped another 2#s.  Now comes the difficult time.  When I first did Atkins I lost 40#s in the first year.  It took close to 2 more years to lose the last 20#s, which is what remains.  My body fights weight loss tooth-and-nail once I start nearing a size 6, which in vanity sizing on my short self isn't really small.

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