I resemble this.

Seems to be the story of my life when it comes to mountain biking.  Before fracturing my wrist I gave myself countless massive hematomas, scrapes, mildly sprained fingers, and my left shoulder is still a bit jacked-up from a fall maybe a month ago (so I am really forced to sleep on my back, which angers my lower back ever since that bout I had with back stuff earlier in the Fall).  The worst of these things have all occurred with my new bike--I was only sort of kidding when I said it would get me into trouble faster!

Ironically, my little sidebar quote of the day is:
She who succeeds in gaining the mastery of the bicycle will gain the mastery of life.  ~  Frances E. Willard
The latest in gimpy fashion
Fortunately my sassy new cape/poncho should arrive tomorrow and the forecast looks nice (for December in MI), so I have every plan of getting out for a walk.  Ortho never told me I couldn't do THAT!  Cape is heavy fleece with nylon lining...ideal for venturing out in the cold with a monstrous cast that doesn't fit inside any other outerwear items I currently own.  DH believes his 2XL fleece jackets should suffice, but they are large even on his 6'2" broad-shouldered frame.  On my shrinking 5'3.5" small-shouldered physique I look like a little kid trying on dad's clothes.

And it was only $40 at 6pm.com and I don't really own anything suitable for both jeans and dress-up.  This should suffice.

Perhaps I will start sleeping better if I am able to get some physical activity beyond one-armed laundry and meal prep.

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