I'm Bored! *cries*

I had anticipated the ortho would put me in a short cast with waterproof liner so that I could run on dry roads or treadmill and ride the recumbent "nowhere bike" at the little local gym.  No such luck.  Instead I am trapped in a full arm cast that still has to be covered for showers.  Harumph!

And doctor's orders are NO EXERCISE until at least my post-New Year's appt. when he might replace the long arm cast with a short with waterproof liner.  Fuckity.  I will easily have at least 5 weeks of inactivity.

It also really screws with my sleep, as I am 100% a side-sleeper and cannot comfortably sleep on either side.  Sleeping on my back is uncomfortable and I wake a lot.

Accomplishing the simplest of chores is difficult, too.  My right (dominant) hand is mostly worthless.  I cannot write legibly at all with my left hand (and my penmanship was never good to begin with!).  Typing my last 2 blog entries have taken an eternity with hunt-and-peck typing and going back to fix an abundance of errors.  I have become reasonably skilled with left-hand mouse operation, however.

Fortunately we have the new iPad and DH finally caved for a Netflix streaming acct.  We've watched The Artist, Hugo, and Limitless.  I really like sitting in bed with a big glass of wine and a movie.  It feels entirely luxurious.  Renewed my library card to get some ebooks, too.  Last week a friend of mine lent me a Kindle book...nifty that one can do that.  The iPad is easy to operate one-handed...even a simple book is tough to manage without 2 fully-functional hands!

On the bright side of all of this, weight loss is a piece of sugar-free crustless cheesecake.  A week ago I started back on Atkins Induction (not followed to the letter a couple of days...wine/alcohol, nuts, and going over 20 net carbs are no-nos) for the first time in 7 or 8 years ago.  The first time around I dropped 60#s in 2 years.  I managed to regain half of that over the years...but it's tough to lose while eating for endurance sports training and competition.

As of this AM I am already down 8.2#s in a single week (entering ketosis allows cells to release all the excess water required to process carbs and store glycogen).  After this past week my loss should slow considerably as my body fuels itself on fat (both stored and ingested).  I'd really be happy to drop even 15-20 while I am laid-up and rebuilding fitness this Winter.  My ultimate goal is to lose 25-30#, depending upon body fat.  I will certainly lose fitness, but with a smaller physique to haul around I may not lose any speed.

Atkins is ideal for healing busted bones, since it's easy to eat ample protein and calcium-rich dairy.  Win-win!

This weight loss thing could get $$...another 10#s down and I will likely need new bras (sports and regular), undies, bike shorts/knickers (that's gonna be especially $$), jeans/pants...  Big goal is 125-30, depending upon body fat %age.

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