Right distal radius and ulna...busted!
So...if we're friends on FB, IRL, or via my favorite running or cycling support boards you have likely seen the predicament I got myself into 5 days ago.

I'm still not entirely certain HOW I broke my right wrist...I mean, yeah, I was on my mountain bike, and then I wasn't (I can get myself into trouble so much faster on my new bike!) and it was on a totally namby pamby section of trail.  I know I had some wheel slip around a corner and then likely overcorrected.

Surprisingly I didn't find things to be all THAT painful (I think decades of dealing with endometriosis have given me a warped pain tolerance, to be perfectly honest).  I can't recall if I fell or if I reached out to avoid ramming trees.  I wasn't covered in dirt, that I can recall, and didn't have tell-tale lower body bruising.  I think when I gave myself a 2nd degree left ankle sprain during a trail relay a couple of years back it hurt worse, in my recollection (and I managed to run another 9.9 miles on that injury).  And initially I didn't realize it was broken.  It was only after I pushed up my sleeves and saw my wrist that I was all "hmmm...that doesn't look right."  Before looking at my wrist I thought for a moment that I could carefully ride out...until I tried to put weight on it.

I wasn't sure if DH and our riding buddies were planning to wait for me at a trail junction, since they were planning to do an extra short loop and after ~18 miles I was ready to head to the car and change out of my cycling bottoms...so I started pushing my bike back with my good arm.  Not long after DH comes back on the trail to find me.  He was truly far more upset by my predicament than I was.

I am right-handed, naturally, but I am getting good at doing stuff with my left hand.  It probably is to my advantage that I have a lot of lefties in my family.  One-handed typing is still a slow, arduous PITA.  Today the iPad we ordered on Black Fri. should arrive.  My phone has been easier to type on than my computer keyboard, but the tiny screen leaves something to be desired.

The good news is that the ER was able to do a good job resetting things and the ortho doc doesn't foresee my needing surgery, unlike my 2 friends who have fractured their wrists this year.  Phew!  Ti hardware can be problematic in the event of future fractures.

My good hand could provide mid race nutrition in the form of bacon!
Yesterday I attended another CX race as a benched rider...last Kisscross race of the season.  Between injuries and illnesses I ended up only doing about 2/3 as many races as I had originally planned.  But cheering and heckling are almost as much fun as racing.  I managed to pass out 2 boxes worth of pre-cooked bacon hand-ups!

Today I started my first day of low-carb eating, as planned pre-injury.  After I get my permanent cast on in 4 days I will likely join a little local gym with recumbent stationary bikes, treadmills and ellipticals.  When roads are clear I hope to run outdoors.  I hope to not lose too much fitness before I start training for the Go St. Louis Half Marathon in Jan.  I was planning to start with a 15mpw base.  I think that will still be manageable, especially if I can drop 10#s or so in the next month.  Totally do-able if my past history doing low-carb is any indication of potential results.


  1. Good luck! I think 10# in a month is an attainable goal for sure. I always lose fairly quickly (at least at first) on a low carb plan.

  2. Yup! When I did Atkins years ago I had 60 to lose and lost 10 in the first 2 weeks. Now I have 30 to lose, so I figure 10 in a month should be doable.