Due to a miscalculation on my part when I was setting up my training plan for my upcoming half marathon in early April, THIS is the week I should start training, not NEXT week.  I highlighted race day as the last day of the plan, not realizing that a Sunday race counts as the entirety of week 12...this had me starting training next Sunday.  When I changed the plan to reflect the day before race day--a Saturday--as the end of the plan, then it moved everything back a week.  So today is technically day 1 (but it's a planned rest day, anyhow).

No biggie.  I had already planned to run the week 1 mileage this week, then repeat the mileage the following week.  I'm also able to take my wrist brace off tomorrow (yippee!!), so I'm going to carefully and gradually re-incorporate indoor bike rides back into the schedule (hopefully).

I'm more-or-less following Hal Higdon's Novice 2 plan.  I think this is the same plan I used for my very first half marathon, though I wasn't riding at the time and had only 6 months or so of running under my belt when I started training.  After not running or biking or doing anything for 5.5 weeks I've lost some fitness, so it would be unwise to train any more aggressively than this plan details.  As is, it starts at the same sort of mileage I was doing all Summer and Fall, before my wrist fracture.

I ran 3x this week, for a total of just over 10 miles.  It felt pretty good.  I've definitely lost fitness, but I think the charts I've seen suggesting loss of ~10%/5 weeks of complete inactivity are pretty spot-on.  I'm thinking that in a month I should be catching a whiff of my previous running fitness.  Bike fitness I don't expect to see until closer to Summer.  Even though I have plans of getting 2-3 indoor rides in every week until I can actually manage steering or braking, 40-50 miles/week pale in comparison to 50-100 that I was covering all Fall.  Plus it's really tough to push myself hard indoors.

Dane and Mongo -- skinny boy & fat bike
I really hope I will have the opportunity to get out on the Mukluk before Winter's end, but, like last year, we've not had much of a Winter.  Today DS noodled-around in the yard for a while.  Fat bikes just aren't as interesting or useful without snow and/or sand.  Yesterday DH competed in a 3 hour fat bike relay race that was mostly on muddy terrain.  The only snow to be found was created snow on the edges of ski runs.  A week ago he and 3 friends went out on fat bikes and found decent snow along snowmobile trails, but it was short-lived with several days in the 40s.

My wrist and hand strength and flexibility are slowly, but surely, returning -- though a half-full 16oz. coffee mug is about the extent of what I can hold and cutting with a scissors is still difficult.  I'm hoping that by this time next month I might be able to manage some outdoor rides on my road bike or cyclocross bike--assuming road conditions are favorable.  I wouldn't be surprised if they were, after the trend of the past 2 Winters.  The only real limiting factors will be my ability to shift and brake (good incentive to upgrade my low-rent brake pads on the CX bike, for certain).  Very important measures of whether I can ride outdoors or need to stay indoors.

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