Changes are a-foot

Last week was a week of exciting developments!

On Tuesday I had my eyes examined and was fitted with new glasses, which I picked-up on Friday. My new script is quite clearly stronger than my script from 2 years ago (OMG, I had no idea how mediocre my unaided vision was!) and my new frames actually fit my face, so I shouldn't have to deal with headaches from the temple pieces pressing into my skull or have them sliding down my nose, constantly.  My newer pair also has larger lenses, so I have a much larger field of vision unobstructed by the frames.

And I think they're kinda stylin'.  Again I went with a modified cat-eye style.  I think I did a pretty good job choosing frames, considering my eyes were dilated and I really couldn't see details.  These have 2 tiny rhinestones where the temples attach, as well as very subtle etched "flame" details.  One thing I couldn't see when choosing frames was the brand -- my chosen frames are Harley-Davidson brand, of all things!  I think they're sorta funky and sophisticated, at the same time.  And the back side of the frames are a zebra pattern, which is only visible from certain angles.  A fun little surprise.

I don't yet need bi-focals, which is good...look at the grays/platinum creeping in!  And the lines between my brows (recently started using some anti-wrinkle creams...*sigh*

On Weds. I had my first physical therapy appointment for my wrist.  It went quite well.  The therapist did an assessment and found that I have pretty limited flexibility and my overall strength is still quite weak.  She gave me some stretching and strengthening exercises and therapy putty to work with.  On Friday I was back for a 2nd session that included 20 minutes with my arm in a whirlpool.  I am slowly making progress, but I think it will still be at least 3 weeks before I can consider riding a bike.  My fat bike may be the only bike I can ride outdoors for a while, since it has grip shifters and good brakes.  I think my road bike will not be ridable for me for a while, since I still cannot downshift well AT ALL with my right hand.  On the trainer I am really struggling to do that.  And braking would likely be very poor.  Granted, we won't really have roads that are very ridable for probably 6 weeks, so perhaps by then I will have the necessary strength and dexterity to ride with drop bars and stiff SRAM shifters and brakes.

I still can't rotate my palm up much beyond perpendicular to the horizon, either.  That really frustrates me.  It's as if there's a limiter in my arm.

Running is going quite well, at least.  I feel like I'm pretty much back to the fitness level I had pre-crash.  Aside from some heavy snow and intense cold I am really enjoying my miles on-foot.

In really BIG news, we are starting the new home search!  We want to relocate closer to DH's job, our biking friends, and a district we'd like DS to attend for HS.  It's actually a district I substitute taught for for 2 years before we moved up here, almost 13 years ago.  Word on the street is that they are desperate for subs, so next Fall I'd plan to be available for subbing 4 days/week.  Subbing is nice, since it's flexible, full of variety, pay is decent relative to the level of responsibility, and the hours are great--no nights/weekends/holidays/Summers.  I could always be home when DS is home.

Panorama from DH's phone
DH and I have both ridden by the house we like and are pretty much smitten.  On paper it looks perfect.  It's 15 years old, 2 stories + partially-finished basement (1700+ sq. ft. above grade and another ~400sq. ft finished in the daylight basement) has a 3-stall garage (generally not something found on homes under 2k sq. ft. in this area) for cars AND BIKES, over 1.25 acres, some hardwood floors, 3 full baths (1 for each of us!) and is on a short private road with only 4 other homes.  All those woods means low-maintenance yard without need for lots of mowing.  We are turned-off by sprawling subdivisions by the massive lawns and lack of privacy (and knowing that a lot of these homes were tossed-up in a matter of months by quantity-over-quality developers during the housing boom 10-15 years ago).

There are some things we would update over time (replacing all carpeting with bamboo and/or ceramic tile, kitchen update, paint), but otherwise is in really nice move-in condition.  I especially love that the entire upstairs is a master suite with a glass block shower and a library/office/den where DH would work from home more undisturbed than he is when he attempts to do that in our current cramped house.

We hope that it's just as nice in-person as it is "on paper."  It's so different from all the other "McMansions" in the area.  We have another home we're planning to look at (we're hoping to check both homes out in 3 days), but it's in a subdivision.  It has a lot of wood flooring, which is its main appeal.  Other than these 2 homes there aren't a lot of offerings that aren't on treeless lots with minimal privacy, lacking in our must-have features, or way over our size/budget or in great need of work.

It would be perfect for family to visit, too.  With the 3 full bathrooms we could easily have my 'rents, 2 siblings and their SOs and 2 kids visit for Christmas and not feel too overcrowded.  Right now no one in the family has a home with enough space and toilets to do this.  Christmas in hotels isn't terrible, but it would be more relaxed in a home.

If all goes well we could potentially be in a new house well before Summer...it's such an exciting proposition after nearly 13 years in a fixer-upper that I loathe.  We would finish a few projects here and put it on the market once we're out.  We're more likely to unload it when it's not full of our clutter (tiny house with only 1 closet = our crap all over the place).

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