2 wild and crazy weeks ago...

(+1 day)...we officially moved into our new home.  Life is finally settling down and our 3 cats are no longer jumping at every little noise or fast movement.  Well, except for our youngest, Chase, but he's always been twitchy.

Cats love awesome wool rugs!
The move went quite well, though I think I'm still recovering (doing 2 half marathons in the past week had nothing to do with my exhaustion, I'm certain...heh).  Our cats tolerated the move as well as could be expected, though Ikky apparently had to go #2 when we put him in his carrier.  About halfway to the new place (50 minutes from the old place) he crapped and stunk the heck out of my car.

We still have a lot of projects that need completing here -- window coverings downstairs, more bookshelf assembly, and another trip to Ikea for a few more items that would be useful, like a dresser to put in our closet JUST for my running/biking clothes and gear...as well as another storage system of some sort to put in the mudroom closet for bike shoes and gloves and helmets.  I also really like the glass-topped desk we got for DS and have been using it in the short-term.  I plan to get a larger version of his desk and DH will take the desk we had ordered for me from his company.

Speaking of Ikea, thus far we are WAY impressed with all of the items we purchased there -- totally worth the 3.5 hour drive each way to our nearest store.  We are FAR less impressed with the solid wood bedroom set that we spent a fortune on from a local furniture store.  For something "hand made in MI" it's pretty much crap and we've had thoughts about returning the entire set, were it not for the hassles that that would entail to have everything dragged back downstairs, then another set hauled back up.  The bed itself seems to be of good construction, but the dressers have drawers that are not uniform and the slides are not placed evenly, so they don't sit well and rub against the frame in spots -- enough to have already chipped a few small bits of wood in places.  There are areas where the finish was poorly applied, too.  Fortunately our living room furniture is awesome, since that's the stuff the world sees.

TV that is over and inch taller diagonally than I am...and our zombie-looking kid
We also now have a massive 65" TV in the living room and Blu-ray player to go with it.  We're movie buffs and are happy to have a really nice theater experience that can be enjoyed from anywhere on the main living floor.  Our old "tiny" 46" TV is now our "pain cave" set for doing workout videos on nowhere bikes or while doing weight workouts.

In running/biking news (well, running news, anyhow.  Biking is mostly not happening, thanks to the freaking never ending antics of Mother Nature and Old Man Winter): today I became an official member of the Half Fanatics (#3965) after qualifying yesterday upon finishing the Gazelle Girls Half Marathon in Grand Rapids, MI.  I ran 2 13.1 races in 7 days, which qualified me as the lowest-level Fanatic, Neptune (each level is named after a planet or moon in our solar system).  The first race that qualified me was the Go! St. Louis Half Marathon a week ago.  The race went well, aside from some fairly warm conditions that none of us have any acclimation for.

I'm the one in the red dress with EXTRA pasty legs!
The night after the race we (the group of online running friends who had met-up in St. Louis for our annual social race gatherings) had a bachelorette party -- complete with penis-themed party favors, of course -- for our dear friend, Heather.  Heather and I live near one-another and met through running and our favorite running log/forum site.  Her fiance ran his first marathon that morning and he and several other spouses/significant-others met up with us at the Schlafly Brewery later that evening.

Our evening at Schlafly was a great time and we really "entertained" the shuttle driver who returned us from the brew-pub to our hotel...a bunch of sodden 30-50-somethings.  A few of us weren't ready to call it a night and headed to a bar just down the street from our hotel.  After a few drinks at the nearby bar we returned to the hotel lobby to share a growler Heather had purchased at Schlafly.

What's so funny?!  Hell if we know!
We were more than just inebriated on alcohol, at this point.  The miles we'd put on our legs made our after-party of 6 pretty punch-drunk, as is evidenced in this photo of my friend Erica and I...I was wiping tears from my eyes from uncontrollable laughter.  I couldn't even tell anyone the next morning what was so funny...EVERYTHING was funny at that hour!  Erica and I were hotel roommates, along with our friend Jill.  It was shades of college dorm life.  I'd forgotten just how fun that could be.

Now that my half marathon weekends are over and we're mostly settled into the new place I can concentrate on re-losing the weight I'd lost and half re-gained.  Derp.  I am now shooting for my first olympic distance duathlon in early July, so I have 12 weeks to get in shape and get my bike mileage into some more respectable numbers.  That dress I wore for the bachelorette party fit me nicely a couple of months ago...by a week ago it was like a friggin' sausage casing!

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