Falling into...Fall!

We're into October and about halfway through Kisscross cyclocross season (3 races down, 4 to go).  It's sorta surreal, since it's a little unseasonably warm.  Hopefully we get some cooler, wetter races.  This girl loves her some mud...on her legs, back, helmet, and grit in the teeth!

I'm also eager to rock my new 3rd Coast Racing kit (which perfectly matches my road bike...and my blog!).  We received them a couple of nights ago, before a team gravel road ride.  I'm loving the short and long-sleeved (fleece-lined...ahhh...I want to sleep in it!) jerseys.  Not fond of the shorts.  They have compressive leg bands (size L...yet they are like boa-constrictors on my ample quads).  Losing even 5 more #s should help, but they have other issues, like poorly-placed seams.  Next time we place an order I'll be snagging a pair of bib shorts (which I'm generally not fond of, due to an icky wet-1-piece-bathing-suit effect and the PITA of having to strip down just to pee).  DH has a pair of the bibs and they have super comfortable and flattering leg bands without elastic.  Also no inner-thigh seam to rub between saddle and adductor.
Stupid sausage thighs, but check out that matchy-matchy bike/kit action!
I actually tried his bibshorts on yesterday (same model, but part of his local JDRF team kit).  They are a hair small on him and were big on me, but gave me a good overall idea of what to expect and fit surprisingly well, aside from being far too long through the torso/straps.  Also the chamois placement was weird...because boys have different parts than girls, duh!  :p

I gotta have more tattoo!!!
I've managed to drop a few pounds in the past month...not doing anything super structured, but mostly avoiding eating/drinking crap and restraining myself from eating out of boredom.  Didn't really make any progress with that this weekend, because I had a bunch of running girlfriends in town for a friend's wedding and a half-marathon.  Yeah, there was much eating and drinking to be had!  Wouldn't have let a diet put a damper on that fun, though.  I still have nearly 20#s to lose to be to my goal of 130#s  When I get there I'll be rewarding myself with a new tattoo -- on my outer, lower right thigh.  Instead of Cow Bell it will say Run Bike.

I'm also planning to schedule a pin-up girl photo shoot with Sweet Wink Photography.  That's as much for the hubby as for me.  At 40 it's only a matter of time before photos are gonna require a shit-ton more airbrushing, heh.

Bonus photo of me all prettied-up for my friends' wedding
At 40 I'm also solidly into peri-menopause, as was confirmed with a doctor (PA, to be precise) visit this past week.  She's putting me on 200mg progesterone for 10 days of every cycle.  This should hopefully help with a lot of random, stupid symptoms I've been battling for at least the past 5 years (easy bruising, difficulty losing weight, insomnia, low libido, short cycles + bleeding for an excessive amount of time, etc.).  Actually, the low progesterone could go back as far as puberty for me.  It can be the factor that causes "estrogen dominance," which often triggers endometriosis and fibroid tumors (both conditions I suffer from and have for decades).  I also had bleeding issues while pregnant.  A lot of women who miscarry do so because their bodies don't produce enough progesterone to support pregnancy.

I'm pretty happy that the PA suggested this course of action, as I was prepared to be told that it's time for a hysterectomy (removing my uterus and potentially one endo-scarred ovary).  I wasn't looking forward to the 4-8 weeks of surgical recovery time.  I've got too much I want to do this Winter, including training for a friend's new 55 mile gravel road race in the works for April!  I ain't got time to go under the knife!!

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