So I spent the last 4ish days feeling really...off.  Vertigo, nausea, lethargic, sinus stupidity, "general malaise."  Several people in my circle of local friends have been battling colds, so I had suspected that maybe I was coming down with something, but never really did.  I had that sore throat that generally precedes a cold, but then never got truly sick.  A few days ago I did a bike ride with a bunch of dudes on a semi-hilly route.  The sort of terrain that doesn't typically faze me too badly...but I felt just really horribly out-of-shape and lacking any ability to attack hills in the least.  Everything pointed to impending viral attack, but nothing really materialized fully.

I suspect it's simply been my body's way of saying "WTF is all this new shit you're throwing at me?!"  I'm guessing that the vertigo and nausea were common side effects of Prometrium.  Fortunately I feel pretty "normal" today.

I also just started Symbicort for my asthma.  My allergist wasn't all that impressed with the effectiveness of even high doses of Qvar (similar drug, but lacking long-acting bronchodilator--simply an inhaled steroid), so is having me switch.  I must say that I'm very suspicious that my recent cold-like symptoms could be due to this med.  I was on a similar medication, Advair, for maybe 8-9 months several years ago.  And was sick all the friggin' time!!  The worst effect of that was chronic oral thrush.  Fortunately I can use a spacer device with Symbicort, which should help with that.  I hope it doesn't beat my immune system up as badly as Advair did, though.  It really sucks when the "cure" is worse than the illness.

Today I'm generally feeling a lot more like myself, so hopefully any negative effects from the Prometrium are behind me.  It can take a cycle or two for a woman's body and natural hormone levels to settle-down with this stuff.  In the short term it can actually cause a woman's system to pump out even higher levels of estrogen.  This peri-menopause business is not for the weak!  I have my fingers-crossed that the next cycle will be a little easier to bear.  But even if I have 3-4 "off" days/28 I can deal with that.  It still beats the alternative.

And I never did hear back re: the ovarian cancer screen blood work I had done, so I am assuming that no news is good news.  I'm still pretty weirded-out by the thought of a kiwi-sized cyst in my belly, though.  I hope that sucker just shrinks on its own.  At this point if it doesn't seem like it's going anywhere or if it appears to grow I will have it and its defective ovarian buddy removed sometime in the coming month or two.

I've lost 3-4#s since this was taken...still need less ME, over
Now I need to feel solid this weekend -- I have races both Saturday (gravel road on the back of our tandem with my hubby) and a cyclocross race on Sunday.  The Halloween race.  This year I hopefully don't have a jacked-up back.  I'll be wearing the "costume" I bought for that race last year and never ended up wearing.

I have lost some weight in recent weeks (like maybe 4ish #s, or so).  Running and biking on calorie deficit are also likely to blame for my craptacular workouts.  I have to keep reminding myself that the end result will be a faster runner and cyclist, even if it means sacrificing many months to less-than-stellar training.  I've got about 16#s left to lose.  On my shorty frame that will make a big difference and likely have me dropping 2 sizes.  Now to behave myself over the holidays...

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