Oh, look...it's 2015!

Procrastination has gotten the best of me...plus the usual Winter doldrums that had me not feeling much like writing anything.  A week of warmer temps, sunshine, and rapidly melting snowcover always light a fire under my ass.  Not a raging inferno, but a happy little campfire, at least.  We've managed some outdoor rides (2 days ago I was in SHORTS, even!!) and I'm starting to give serious thoughts to yard work and what things to plant for 2015.  Milkweed to bring in more Monarch butterflies, for certain.  I missed them last year...not sure if it's the loss of milkweed that kept their #s so drastically low or the severely delayed Spring.  I suspect a combo of the two things.

11 weeks of progress
This Winter has found me keeping the workouts particularly low-key...The Sufferfest workouts have been few and far between and runs have been at a steady, ploddy pace.  It's not that I don't have races to train for -- I do -- but intense workouts and 400-500 calorie/day deficits don't support those sorts of efforts.  What they do support is nearly 16#s lost since Jan. 1.  I started at 158.5 and am currently sitting at 143.6#s.  I was busting out of my size 8 Lucky Brand Jeans, but am comfortably wearing some 6s, now.  Though Lucky's are pretty forgiving.  I think it will be another 5#s before other 6s in my "skinny wardrobe" (you know, the clothes a size or two too small that everyone has in plastic tubs, the back of drawers, and buried in the closet in hopes that they will fit in the future) will comfortably fit.  Maybe I'll see 4s at goal.

I'm suspecting that the lack of hardcore workouts won't hurt me much.  Dropping 10% of my body weight is no small feat and certainly should help make my get-along a bit speedier, especially once I do start doing more speed-specific training.

Once we return from our Spring Break trip in a few weeks I'll be making the transition from primarily ketogenic carbohydrate intake (think Atkins induction...high fat, moderate protein, tons of low-glycemic veggies, salads, etc.  Almost entirely whole foods) to a somewhat structured carb-cycling routine.  For now the Summer race season plan is to stay low-carb/low-cal on my easier workout days and reserving 1-2 days/week to eat at least maintenance calorie level calories and carbs.  These days will be scheduled around my hardest workouts and race schedule.  Once at goal I'll likely stay there by simply not eating like I have a feed bag strapped to my face.

My goal weight is 13#s away, 130.  Plugging my stats into body composition calculators puts me at 18-20% body fat at that weight -- depending on potential muscle loss (which often happens with the calorie deficit necessary to lose weight, unfortunately).  I'm hoping I'll break even on the muscle mass loss, since harder training always gives me an increase, so anything I lose should be regained, especially once I start with the higher calorie days.  If I comfortably fit into a size 4 at goal it will be with 5-6 more #s of weight on my frame than the last time I was in that size...because last time around (about a decade ago) I was "skinny fat."  This time around I'm going to be skinny FIT!!

I picked a pretty wise year to finally make this weight loss happen.  DH had major bunion surgery right around Christmas, so he was in recovery mode for a couple of months.  We're both working back to full fitness status.  As a result we are downgrading our tandem gravel road race in 10 days from the 36 mile option to the 21ish mile one.  We still are in strong podium contention...next year a spot on the 36 mile podium will be ours, no doubt!  Especially if we're both smaller people in 2016.

My most recent photo in the link below was ~2 years ago, at nearly the same weight I currently claim.  I think in another 3#s I'll need to photo document the 140 mark.  It's been a VERY long time since I saw that # on the scale.